Domain for Sale — — Oscar Winning Actor! Last exact Match Domain

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Own today for the low price of $59.  This is a steal for the last high level exact match domain name for this Oscar winning actor and star of the HBO hit show True Detective.  See more info at my auction page for this domain.

Update — This domain is still available.  If you’re interested, I will sell it for a very reasonable price.  Just send me an email at  Thanks!  You can also see all of my current auctions at A current one is listed below… — one word domain for sale

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I just put up another domain for sale. is now on auction at  There are no bidders yet, but you can be the first.  See the auction here and bid now.

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July 1st, 2014 by chris No comments » is a top domain name combining two of my passions — charity and beer. It’s a great domain name for a company that plans to use the shared love of beer to raise money for charity. One idea is to have a local bar sponsor a time in which they give 10% of the earnings from beer sales to a charity. A company could sponsor a beer and have special labels created and all sales generated go to charity. There are several organizations doing similar work. It’s a very cool and creative way to raise money. Own this domain today — I have it listed with a ridiculously low reserve at Flippa. Go check it out and bid!

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I have just put up for sale.  It’s a one word domain with 25 natural backlinks that will see for a very low price at auction.  See the Flippa auction here.

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