How to Create a Resume Website in WordPress

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Do you need to spruce up your resume? Do you need a unique way to show people your skills and qualifications, while also showing them that you’re web savvy? If you do, it sounds like a WordPress resume website is just what you need.

Why WordPress? Well, it doesn’t get easier to build a beautiful website than WordPress. Watch Tyler Moore, the web’s best and most thorough WordPress teacher, explain how to make a resume website with WordPress.

How to Make a WordPress Website Step by Step (2014) by Tyler Moore

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Tyler Moore is probably my favorite WordPress website building tutorial creator because he teaches you how to build WordPress sites without skipping a single step. For this reason, his videos are quite long, but you are getting the entire picture and there are few head-scratcher moments where you get lost and want to close out the video and go on Facebook to see what your friend’s babies are wearing today.

If you want to make a WordPress website that looks good and has a professional feel, watch the above video. In fact, you should watch all of Tyler’s videos, which are pretty much a masterclass in website creation using WordPress software, and you can literally become a WordPress expert.

How to Value Your Website

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In this video, we take a look at some of the factors that go into valuing a website. The business of buying and selling websites of all sizes is getting bigger each year. By looking at real world data from the marketplace (since someone actually put their money up to buy this site) we can learn a lot about how to value websites.

See the best web hosting deal that I use at ipage hosting — $1.99 per month. WordPress Website for Sale in Health Niche

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Less than 12 hours to go on this sale — visit the auction page and submit your bid today!

Thanks to everyone for their interest in my last website–I just sold it. I have just listed another website for sale on Flippa. It’s a WordPress site called It has several pieces of content that I wrote. It has 60 or so products listed from Amazon. It comes with the $99 Canvas theme from Woothemes. I’ve also included the Automatic Amazon Affiliate plugin so you can list any item you want to from Amazon automatically. This works very well in the drug/health niche since there are hundreds of thousands of this kind of product. See the auction.

The most valuable asset here is the domain name — — it’s a very strong name in a hugely profitable niche. If you’re interested in this website, bid today because it’s only a 3-day auction and this is priced to sell. Click the Buy It Now Button and own today before someone beats you to it.