How Much Money Do Bloggers Make?

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You’ve heard all about bloggers.  Heck, you probably are a blogger.

Have you ever wondered how much money these new world journalists earn from their blogs.  It’s not the easiest information to find and believe me I’ve looked.

Here are three ways bloggers make money online:

1) Advertising.  Bloggers tend to use Adsense advertisements to make money off of ad clicks when people come to their websites.  It’s a good way to get started making money on your blog.

2) Sponsored posts.  When you have a successful blog, people will be interested in paying you to write a post about their website.  The thing they want is the link to their site (let’s be honest).  You can charge anywhere from $10 to $200 depending on how popular your blog is.

3) Affiliate marketing.  Clickbank,, and are different affiliate networks that give web publishers access to merchants who you can work with to sell relevant products on your website.  It makes sense that these products relate to the theme of your site.  You earn anywhere from 1% to 50% of any sales you generate.

Here’s a good article about how much money top tier bloggers earn published at Read Write Web.

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  1. JohnAdled says:

    Excellent post! Really loved it, havent seen an artice this good in a while. Thanks for the info and being right to the point about how bloggers make money online!