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November 14th, 2008 by chris Leave a reply »

I found a great article over at Delicious–which is a great place to find interesting articles, sites, and links.

This article is actually not an article, but a list of 33 tools you can use to make your website more efficient, more searchable, and just better overall for your visitors and potential visitors.

I haven’t used most of the SEO tools listed here, but one of them that I have used and that I found very useful and accurate is Website Grader.? This tool gives you a snapshot of the quality of your blog over several different criteriom such as pagerank, backlinks, traffic, and title tags.

Google Analytics is also another must-use tool: it lets you know how people arrived at your site, where they came from, what keywords they used, which of your URL’s are the most popular, and a lot more information besides.? I have only scratched the surface of what this program is capable of, because you can do A LOT more with it.

Much of the success of your website depends on finding and eliminating problems and also finding your strengths so you can focus on them.? Often, the goal of a website–especially if you are trying to make money online–is to attract visitors and gain search engine traffic.? The more traffic the better.

Use some of the tools from the list to make your website better.? Some of the tools are free like the two I mention above and some are not free.

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