3 Reasons to Start an Online Business

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Many people starting a small business today are gravitating to the internet as their main “front” of doing business. I’m sure this shouldn’t surprise anyone reading this.

There are myriad reasons why starting an online business is a smart move for entrepreneurs. Here are three.

1) Websites are highly scalable. This means that you can get your product, message, or service out to anyone around the world without leaving your desk chair. And thousands of people can look at your ecommerce store or your informational blog or your sales page without leaving theirs.

2) No brick and mortar. You don’t need a physical store to sell your goods. There are associated costs especially if you make your own product, but you don’t have to pay rent for a storefront or pay the heating bill.  You can run your business from your living room (or a beach in Jamaica that has wifi.) You don’t even need to pay for an office. More money can go into development of your product, content, or service.

3) The legitimacy of the online marketplace is increasing. Many people shop exclusively online due to the convenience and ease with which you can compare products and prices. ?As shopping online becomes more ingrained in our society, as safety measures increase, and as people become more comfortable buying products on the internet, this kind of business will become even more popular.  If you create an online business, you can rest assured that there will be plenty of opportunity to make sales.

I don’t mean to say that starting a successful online venture is easy by any means because it’s not. But never before in history has it been easier to disseminate your message to the people of the world for such little cost.

The real trick is coming up with something interesting to say or an amazing product. Once you have that down, it’s just a matter of showing people. And that’s what the internet is so good at helping entrepreneurs accomplish–in fact, the high speed transfer of information is just what it was created to do.

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  1. Fernando Alleman says:

    Nice post! Very complete and detail information. That?s what i need! Well done!

  2. Leah says:

    Online business is simply the most cost effective way to do business today.

  3. Chris Johnson says:

    Internet business is just a really smart thing to get into. Low overhead and very affordable to start a website and run a business online. I use ipage.com to host my ecommerce site and it’s been a very good investment for me. I enjoy working online too–it’s a great way to build an asset that you can earn revenue from or sell down the line.

  4. Toshiko says:

    Thanks for the great posts. I think it is imperative to start an online business these days or at least to have an online presence. Totally needed these days.