Make Money Online with Hubpages Part 2: Backlinks

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This piece is about one strategy you can use to help you make money online with Hubpages.

Hubpages, as you may know, is a website where you can publish content and earn money for your work. Read my first article about the site at the link above, then come back to this one. Or just read on.

You can write about anything you want and have the option edit your content anytime you feel like it. One of the best parts about making money with Hubpages is that you can earn residual income for as long as the website is around, and it will be around for a long time.

There are many reasons why writing at Hubpages is a worthwhile endeavor for you if you are trying to make money with an online business, or have a blog you want to create links to, or just want to write some content and earn some income from it.

First of all, Hubpages is a well-respected site that gets a lot of love from search engines. Writing at hubpages is like having a head start in the search engine wars. This brings up an important point. One of the main elements that will allow you to make money online is traffic. Traffic is the lifeblood of internet marketing and online business.

Look at it as a store owner would. The more people you get to come into your store, the more sales you will make. This can be translated into Adsense clicks, affiliate sales, or referrals in the online environment. Traffic is a key part of the game. And the more targeted this traffic is, the higher the probability you have of getting a conversion or having an action occur. Obviously there is more to making money on the internet: copywriting, branding, actually having something of value to provide, or in this case, providing useful well-written and highly searchable content. But high traffic numbers is how websites become online money-making machines.

One of the strategies to writing on Hupbages and earning money from your efforts is to write more than one “hub” on the same topic. The more you write about the same thing, the more likely you will look like an authority on that subject. Obviously, to write a lot of content about the same thing, you probably will actually have to be an expert on that subject. But you can also learn as you go. Writing is one of the best ways to learn things and solidify ideas in your mind.

Writing about the same topic will also give you more opportunity to increase the rankings of similar content. Say you have an 800-word authoritative hub about the best ski resorts in California. You spent a lot of time researching keywords, reading about the resorts, and clearly presenting the information to your readers. This can be a very good piece of content for you. If you have three or four other related hubs, you can use them to create anchor text links to give your authority hub a little bit of a boost and create some more traffic to it.

Your “support” pages should be directly related to the main authority page you are looking to link to. In the example I use above about ski resorts, these can be pieces more specific to certain resorts. One could be about Mammoth and another could be about Vail. If the main keyword phrases (and related ones) you are working with are also strong in these pages, and even in the title, then links out from them will be even stronger.

When you create your links, you want to create anchor text using the phrases you are focusing on. In the example used here, the phrase you would want to link out to your main hub would be “best ski resorts in California.” It is much better to be descriptive in the hotlink you create, rather than just linking with text like, “see my other article about this topic here.”

You can do this with several of your hubs to create several relevant links that will give the page you want to promote more direct traffic and relevant keyword links that will help move it up the in search engine rankings. The more targeted keywords and links are, the more likely they will be of interest to web visitors and the more money you will make online.

Websites (and web pages) that adhere to web standards of copywriting, search engine optimization, and linking practices are more valuable than those that don’t. If you think from the point of view of a potential web surfer and do your best to create informative, well-written content that is useful, then you will be successful.

Remember that content is king and high value content will gain more natural links from other websites and more return traffic. The more effort you put into your content on the front end, the easier the entire process will be for you. When writing your hubs, take the time to make them as helpful, informative, and unique as possible.

Sign up for Hubpages and start writing and earning today.

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