How Do You Get Paid by Hubpages?

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I noticed that quite a few people visited my site last week wondering how you get paid by hubpages. I wrote two pieces recently about how to make money online with hubpages, in which I wrote a little about how you can actually earn some income from the work you write at the site. Read them here if you want to learn more about how to do it. Then come back to this post for more clarification.

Make Money Online with Hubpages (part 1)

Make Money with Hubpages – Backlinks (part 2)

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The truth is that Hubpages does not pay you at all. What I mean to say is the owners of the site never issue a check in your name or send you a residual payment. Publishers have the opportunity to earn from the impressions of their pages–the amount of times a web surfer views their pages.

What you need to do to make money on Hubpages is sign up with Google Adsense. This is the primary way people make money from their content at Hubpages. Adsense ads appear around your content as text links or images. When clicked by a visitor to your work, you earn money 6 out of 10 times.

Now how much you earn per click with this advertising network depends on a few factors: the quality of your content, the kind of traffic you receive, and what you write about. The better your content, the more people will link to it and the more people will see it. More importantly, advertisers will want their ads to pop up on your pages if you create high quality content. If you create spammy, low quality work, you may have ads blocked by some merchants. Would you want your product or service associated with something that looks like crap?

Make Money on Hubpages with Search Engine Traffic

If you receive natural search engine traffic to your hubs (which is an important thing in any internet marketing venture), you should be able to earn some money from your work. Search engine traffic is known to convert well into a click or a sale because the type of visitor looking for something on a search engine is looking for a solution to a problem and may find what they are looking for in a text ad on your hub. This type of web surfer may be more “click-happy” than someone with a more focused objective.

Look at it this way: this type of visitor to your hub is literally “searching” for something. Advertisements are a legitimate way to help these people solve their problem. At the end of the day, if you are helpful and informative, you will earn some money for your efforts. Give and you shall receive.

How to Make Money with Hubpages Content: It’s About What You Write

The biggest indicator of what you may earn per click comes from what you write about. If you write a post about bathroom renovation, you will probably be able to earn more money with Hubpages than if you write a review of the movie Batman Begins. The reason is simple. Services and products associated with bathroom restoration are more expensive than products associated with movies. A business selling high end products has more money to advertise with because its products have higher margins, and thus a greater payout if a sale is a made or a prospective customer’s email is collected for an emailing list.

That being said, you should write about what you want to because life is short. Have fun. If you write about movies or your favorite park in town (random, I know), you may still be able to earn substantial money if it is really well done and pulls a lot of traffic. It is a lot easier to write about something you are genuinely interested in and passionate about rather than just looking for expensive terms to base you articles about. Furthermore, there are other ways to make money online with Hubpages.

Make Money on Hubpages through Referral Programs

 Amazon and eBay are integrated into the design of hubpages and can easily be added to your hubs through your editing dock. You have to sign up individually with both of these companies in order to become an affiliate and start referring products. Once you start making referrals, you will be paid directly by Amazon and eBay.

There are two ways to use these referral links. You can hand select each individual product or type in the keywords of your hub and sort of set it on autopilot to have related products automatically pop up. It really depends what you are writing about. ?Say you write an informational hub about Rolex watches. You may want to set an ebay link at the end of your hub to display related products. Rolex watches on sale will appear. But say you are writing about a specific model from this watchmaker. ?You may want to hand select the model because it may be more specific to what you are writing about.

More Traffic Equals More Money on Hubpages

The keys to doing well with your hubs are traffic, traffic, and more traffic. I am repetitive here and only half-kidding. But it is true that the more traffic you receive to your work online, the more money you will be able to make. If you take a second to look at the online environment and put out of your head terms like “Search Engine Optimization” (or SEO) and “Search Engine Marketing”, you begin to realize that writing quality articles that inform, enlighten, or entertain is what will create traffic for you.

The cream rises to the top. Sure, there are less than incredible websites, blogs, and probably some hubs, that gain a ton of traffic, but are spammy and useless. This is the exception to the rule, however. This kind of content simply will not last and writing low quality stuff just makes it hard to encourage more people to read it. And the people who read it sure aren’t going to link to it or tell their friends about it.

Making money online is not easy–and it is honestly a lot easier to do it by writing great content that people can find and that helps people out in some way. This will not only help you get real links back to your work, but it will help through word or mouth, and over time, you will get more “love” from search engines.

Learn how to properly use keyword phrases. And keep writing even when you aren’t earning any money and even when you have no traffic.  Sign up for Hubpages.

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  1. excellent article.. well presented.

  2. Hardik says:

    I have one question! please reply me! I made member yesterday. And before that I have blog. my blog is completely written by me with original content. no copy paste. If i write article same as my blog to hubpages, than will they delete that article showing reason about copy-paste that is on my blog???

  3. chris says:


    You can’t use duplicate content on hubpages. If it’s already published on your own blog or website, you can’t copy and paste it. Besides, you wouldn’t want to do that anyway. It would hurt your website and your hubpages account in the search engine rankings. It would do you no good to do that. You should write original hubs with a link or two back to your blog articles.

  4. Carol Young says:

    I was wondering about the new hubpages ads system. Can you update this post please? How does hubpages pay out?

  5. Shaddy801 says:

    I was wondering how this works. It looks like the new hubpages advertising program pays out differently. How does it pay out?

  6. chris says:

    Yes, Hubpages has its own proprietary advertising system that generates revenue for hubbers. It pays out through paypal, which is pretty convenient. It’s free and easy to set up a paypal account so once you opt-in to the Hubpages ad system and start earning money, it shouldn’t be a problem to get paid. This is all in addition to adsense and amazon revenue, which pay out in the way you specify for those respective accounts.

  7. chris says:

    Carol – Hubpages pays out via paypal once you actually earn some money. The way you earn money is from pageviews, so you need to have significant traffic in order to earn revenue.

  8. Sammy says:

    Have you been able to make any money with Amazon or eBay on Hubpages?

  9. Web Developement Company says:

    There are 2 ways you can earn money from hubpages.
    By writing articles and by referring your friends to hubpages.

  10. Charlotte says:

    Making money with Hubpages is one of the better ways to do it as a writer. I have to admit that I’ve tried tons of different sites and even my own blogs, but to have the hubpages community to interact with and to help me out has been a boon to my success. I probably wouldn’t be making money online if it weren’t for Hubpages.

  11. Carroll B. Merriman says:

    Just wanted to mention that this article is helpful to me. I check your site every couple of days. Thanks for the money making tips!!

  12. Marley14 says:

    You get paid by Paypal :)

  13. covert63 says:

    The new hubpages ad program is working decently for me. I still make a little more with adsense, but still I can see the potential.

  14. zillium says:

    Hubpages can make money but it’s much more effictive to use them as an SEO tool!

  15. Top Dreamer says:

    Hubpages is a pretty good place to write. You get paid through affiliate links and their own advertisements.

  16. Hutch says:

    Why waste the time building up a vast portfolio of articles that YOU DO NOT OWN. Why should you share even 40% of the revenue from your articles. It’s so easy to start your own blog that there is no reason to WORK FOR ANOTHER SITE, which is essentially what you’re doing with Hubpages. If you write great stuff, your blog will be successful. Pass on Hubpages and create your own blog. It’s worked for me and I now earn (not to brag–I just want you to know it’s possible) $4000 per month from affiliate sales and other ads. Not bad eh?

  17. jhian says:

    Can hubpages can be used as effective seo tool? I have heard yes and also no, so I am curious.

  18. Lucy says:

    I am not happy with hubpages at all. I have made no money and have had to make changes to many of my hubs after being flagged by staff members. They don’t respond to emails even when I tell them that their flags are BS because there is nothing wrong with them. Hubpages needs to straighten up and take care of its authors, who are the people who do all the work for the site.

  19. Janet says:

    Great post.. would also like to know how to submit an article. This is an excellent comprehensive guide

  20. Jim from 5 Hotels says:

    I am not happy with hubpages at all. I have made no money and have had to make changes to many of my hubs after being flagged by staff members. They don’t respond to emails even when I tell them that their flags are BS because there is nothing wrong with them. Hubpages needs to straighten up and take care of its authors, who are the people who do all the work for the site.

  21. Mannie says:

    Thanks for this. I really like what you’ve posted here and wish you the best of luck with this blog!

  22. Bobby Grand says:

    I’ve been writing on hubpages for a few months now and my earnings have not really taken off. I’ve spent time on writing longer posts which I think is really key. I’m not sure exactly what to expect, but I think the hubpages ad program won’t really pay out as much as I can make from the other ad programs I can use on my articles there. Still, looking forward to the ride.

  23. DSEO says:

    Thanks for the information. I’m just starting a hubpages.

  24. Mary says:

    Great info — thanks for taking the time to share your hubpages knowledge. I don’t really like the site that much but perhaps I will give it a second look.

  25. Marisa Stanton says:

    I haven’t made much money on hubpages :( Oh well, it was worth a chance. I think it’s a scam.

  26. John says:

    Hubpages sucks. They had some potential, but they really just suck now. Nothing special about hubpages–you’re better off starting your own blog. Don’t waste your time on hubpages.