Twitter Tools to Take up More of Your Time

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Everyone’s talking about Twitter. I have held off on writing anything about the microblogging site until this point because I haven’t played with it too much.

Well now I’ve played with Twitter a little but and I have some thoughts about it. But these are for a later post. This post is about some simple Twitter tools, applications, and mashups you can use to make your experience with the platform more efficient, easier to manage, and more fun. is an app that helps you keep track of what topics people are talking about on Twittertwitter-tools-online-business

The keyword here is “simple.” These apps aren’t confusing or intimidating–and most of them can be very useful or at least fun to take a look at. The list of 105 Twitter tools is at SingleFunction.

Update. Instead of writing a new post about Twitter apps, I figured I would include this new link in this post. This is a post called 15 Twitter Tools for People who Work Online. It’s at freelance folder, a website dedicated to the freelance lifestyle. Now go waste more time. Just kidding–if you utilize these tools correctly, you can probably save time and be more efficient.

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  1. Jessie White says:

    I am so bored of twitter for business applications. Can’t we just relax and not have to use every social network to sell things?! No we can’t, so I guess I’m just going to stop using twitter.