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Xomba is billed as “A social network geared toward people who like to write” and is a great place to make money online for creating written content.  It is an Adsense sharing site, which means that you split Adsense advertising revenue 50/50 with the site.  It’s owned by Internet entrepreneur and writer Nick Veneris and run by a very competent and passionate team based in Florida.

It’s a good place to write and earn.  Xombytes are posts a minimum of 150 words and can be about, well, anything you want them to be.  You can write about music, politics, the new camera you want to buy, or celebrities and movies.  Celeb and movie subjects do really well on this site, so if that’s the kind of thing you write about, mount up.

You can also include a link back to your site in your post, so it can be a helpful way to promote yourself and gain exposure for your content while making money in the process.

Xomblurbs are more like a social bookmarking type of thing, in that they have to include a link to a website or article and only have to be 50 words long.  

So why Xomba?

  • Get more exposure for yourself and your writing by writing for an established site that already gets substantial traffic.
  • Connect with other writers (if you want to)
  • Earn money from advertisements displayed 
  • Dedicated staff and owner who really care about the site and the writers

Sign up for  Let me know if you have any questions.

Meet Abmox, Xomba’s official mascot. Cute, ain’t he?

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  1. Kristen says:

    My name is Kristen Malmed and I am the Online Communications Specialist at Xomba.

    Thank you so much for such a wonderful article on Xomba.

    We are so glad you are enjoying Xomba!

  2. chris says:

    You’re welcome. You guys have a great site. Thanks for your comment Kristen.

  3. Durot311 says:

    Its all great at ,its fun,informative,gives me the exposure I need as a student would be writer and best of all money spinning.I’ve actually tried out a number of adsense sharing sites before I joined Xomba,but I must say is the first that I have seen actually logging 50% of impressions and earnings to my adsense account.Thumbs up to Nick and team and also to all members.
    Best regards,