Black Friday Deals in Tech Products: The Ultimate List

November 23rd, 2009 by chris Leave a reply »

If you are one of the brave souls who ventures out on Black Friday, the infamous shopping day to end all shopping days, then you may want to come armed with what could quite possibly be the ultimate Black Friday Deals list.

The list was lovingly put together by Gizmodo, so it’s focused on tech products.  It’s broken into the following sections: Cell Phones, Computers, Computer Accessories, Digital Cameras, Digital Media Cards, DVD Players, Electronics, GPS, Hard Drives, Home Theater, Portable USB Storage, and several more.

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If you are planning on looking for a deal on a tech product, then definitely have a look at this list because it may help you save money.  Also, in semi-related news, ING, the digital banking service, is offering some Black Friday deals of its own.  Read about them at

Update: I just found another great post regarding great black Friday deals.  Here are five deals you shouldn’t miss. They are also tech related.  One of the coolest things I read over there is that some retailers will be upping their Bing cashback rates, so there could be some serious savings.  Apparently, the Bing cashback program has led to significant savings for people.

Yet another Update:  Check out this list of Black Friday goodness on the Yahoo Shopping site.  It’s mostly in reference to TVs, game consoles, and electronics.  Some good deals to be found.

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  1. FFB says:

    Thanks for the mention! I’ll have to check out that Gizmodo list.

  2. chris says:

    Not a problem–thanks for providing the details about the Black Friday deals!

  3. Marta says:

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  4. Carlos says:

    I can’t wait for black friday this year. I saved a little bit of money to just go crazy with deals when it comes around. keep me informed on the good deals if you can!