5 Ways to Make More Money on Hubpages

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hubpages logoMake More Money on Hubpages: 5 Tips

Hubpages is a website where you can write “Hubs” about pretty much any subject you want to.

If you haven’t signed up yet, do it now at Hubpages.com

You can also make money on Hubpages through display ads and affiliate links from online merchants eBay and Amazon.com.

But, if you’re reading this post, you most likely already know all about Hubpages and have already taken a stab at writing at the site and you may already be making money.

Chances are that you might be interested in learning how to make more money from your existing Hubs.

Well, it’s your lucky day, because this post is a list of 5 ways to make more money with Hubpages that I’ve learned in my time writing Hubs.

If you know nothing about Hubpages, read this post first.

5 ways to make more money on Hubpages

Use eBay and Amazon.com Affiliate Links. Okay, this may seem like an obvious one, but it is important to point out that you cannot make a lot of money on Hubpages (or any website for that matter) if you don’t place a fair amount of advertisements on your hubs. Don’t be afraid to use eBay and Amazon links on the same Hub. The more potential revenue streams you open up, the more potential revenue you will be able to make. Give people the option to click on your ads and affiliate links.

Action: Add either an Amazon or eBay affiliate box to one of your Hubs.


Write with a Product in Mind. There are quite a few writers on Hubpages who write like Internet marketing copywriters. Basically, they write to make sales, which is a good thing. Some of these writers even go so far as to write a point blank title, which is a really smart thing to do.  This type of title might look something like this: “Buy SEO Copywriting Books Online.”  See how clear and to the point that is?  Visitors to this page are going to be predisposed to buying Copywriting books online.  It’s a highly targeted way of writing.  ”Highly targeted” is good because “highly targeted” converts.

If these writers do their job right, they are providing a valuable service to a visitor who is actively looking for a recommendation or a good deal on a certain product. If you write with a product or products in mind, you will be able to get targeted visitors to your site. You need to remember, however, that sincerity and and putting in the effort to help a visitor, are key to this kind of hub. The hard sell will never work.

Action: Find one of your hubs that has an unclear or less targeted title and make it more direct and stronger.  Write it with search queries in mind.  In other words, think about what someone would type into a search engine to find your Hub.

Write Longer Posts. Longer hubs (ie, more words on the page) will do better for you in the long run. I would suggest making your Hubs at least 500 words. Longer hubs will attract more traffic for different keyword combinations that will occur naturally in your long piece of writing. Traffic is always good and is really the only way you will make money with Hubpages. Plus, longer hubs tend to get higher Hubscores and probably more internal traffic from hubpages itself. Your visitors may also spend more time on your page, which means they will more likely notice an ad or affiliate link.

Action: Add 100 words to one of your Hubs and see if it helps you get more traffic.

Provide Unique Information. If you just rehash a given topic in your Hub, you will not make money on Hubpages. It’s just not going to happen. Your work will never be found in search engines because a lot has probably been written about your chosen topic already.

If you take the time to provide unique information and concentrate on providing value for your visitors, your hubs will do better. You will get more comments which should help your search engine rankings. More engagement and interaction from your audience is good for you.

Action: Add your opinion or a first-hand story about whatever topic you write about.  This will by default be unique and may help add a stronger POV to your Hub.

Do Keyword Research. If you write content on the web, you know how frustrating it can be to spend hours on a piece and have no one read it. If you don’t use keyword phrases to let search engines and potential readers know just what your hub is about, you run the risk of internet traffic oblivion. Basically, you want a good title with your keywords near the front of it.

A clear, descriptive title is one of the most important SEO aspects to think about. Use Google’s Keyword Tool to find out which terms are the most searched and which ones are less competitive.

I will be writing a more in-depth post about keyword research in the next two weeks, so bookmark this page or subscribe to my site so you don’t miss it.

Action: Think about the terms a web browser would type into Yahoo or Bing to find your Hub.  Use these keyword phrases, as well as a few that are related, and add them to your Hub in a natural way.


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  1. Tom says:

    Great tips. Just starting to use HubPages with the thought using it as a tool to promote my blog. May turn out to be more profitable to use the blog to promote my HubPages…

  2. Aleta says:

    hey I really enjoyed this post. I’ve been reading you for a few months now and have really liked the work you’ve done. thanks for the copywriting advice too.

  3. Allen says:

    Cool post Chris … I’ve only ever dabbled with HubPages but the ones I did make definatley stuck around and performed better when they had some decent information.

    In fact (penny just dropped) they were nice smaller ‘hubs’ of information around a topic that subtly pre-solde because I know they’re not too great with affiliate links.

    Thanks for the pointers!

  4. chris says:


    I feel the same way! HubPages can be a serious earner for anyone. Hubpages content gets higher rankings faster than most websites and blogs, so it’s a good tool to have–even as a stand alone money maker.


  5. Darren says:

    One thing I started to do to make more money on Hubpages is to add ebay links to all my hubs. Over time you start to earn more money from these kinds of ads in addition to adsense and the other ways you make money from the site.

  6. John C says:

    Do you make money online from this blog? Or how do you do it? I’m looking for ways to do it.

  7. Soul3838 says:

    I write about fashion and knitting at hubpages and 95% of my hubs generate a total of 1% of my earnings every day, while the other 5% generate 99% of my earnings every day. Is looks like a lopsided equation, but now I’m trying to make my other hubs better so I can earn more.

  8. Eric says:

    I will try to use some of these tips on my Hubpages articles and see if they work. I will report back! Not really going to report back, but thanks for helping me with my hubs.

  9. chris says:

    Eric – You’re welcome.

  10. Barry Zelner says:

    I’ve been killing it with Amazon for the last month or two on Hubpages, but I’ve seen a falling off in the past several days. You never know with Amazon–it’s kind of a waste of time to really push it with them. You should concentrate on Adsense and the Hubpages advertising platform. you should also work your own affiliate links in where it works. Don’t push too hard and just keep working and promoting your hubs.

  11. Top Recipes says:

    I’ve had success by writing a bunch of hubs about the same thing–or at least the same topic. Then I interlink them and that helps me push traffic around and get more impressions. But you always have to make sure you are serving the audience–then you get the best of both worlds and you make money.

  12. Emiko says:

    Thanks for the tip on how to make more money with Hubpages. For me, I need an article about how to make SOME money with Hubpages, since I am having a hard time at it. I’m in it for the community even though some of my hubs keep getting flagged by annoying staff. They need to stop doing that or else I’m writing somewhere else. It would be a shame because I can see how I will be able to make a lot of money with hubpages when I get more hubs going and do some promotion.