Making Money on Hubpages Takes Work

April 15th, 2010 by chris Leave a reply »

Today, I was talking to someone who recently started writing at Hubpages and also has written a few posts over at Xomba, another great site to write for, and she mentioned to me that making money with Hubpages seems like a lot of work.

It’s funny, because I hear these sentiments all the time. People seem to think (at least in the very beginning) that making money online or generating interest in your content online is going to happen very fast.

We often confuse the fast nature of the Internet with quick, overnight success.

I asked my friend if she has ever done anything worthwhile that didn’t take a lot of work. She replied, “Well, no.”

Making money on Hubpages–a very cool site not only for the fact that it allows you to write content that gets to the top of search engines and can be used to earn money and promote your work but also because it is just a fun place to be–takes work and of course time.

I recently read something on the Hubpages blog (it could have been written by Ryan Hupfer, I’m not sure) about how Hubbers make more money on their Hubs months and years after they’re written. I can back this up from experience writing at the site.

You will earn money for something you write today for years to come. But it takes work to figure out what works well on the site and what kind of content will get search traffic.

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  3. Madeleine says:

    I sort of knew that making money on hubpages was not going to be easy and it hasn’t. And I still don’t make that much. But I have recently learned a little bit about how to write more commercial hubs that will actually bring in revenue by targeting topics that have true associated products that people are looking for.