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If you’re looking to hire a freelance writer or writers, I highly recommend (and not only because this is an affiliate link).

I started using oDesk two months ago and have hired three different freelance writers through the site.  One of them was from Ohio, another was from Serbia, and a third was from Indonesia.

I had one writer who was a waste of time, but two of them worked out brilliantly and I hire them intermittently for projects and will continue to do so.

oDesk made finding writers very easy to do since it is a site aimed at ease of use for the people who want to do the hiring, aka the “Buyers.”

You will start by putting up an assignment, where you explain what work you are looking for and how much you want to pay, and freelancers will “Bid” for the job.  You can look at their qualifications, previous work, and ratings from other buyers in order to choose the best worker.

There are no additional costs to setting up an account.  What you decide to pay your workers is what you pay (obviously after you come to agreement with the freelancer).  The 10% fee that is oDesk’s share comes out of the total.  So if you agree on a total price of $10 for two 500-word articles, you will only pay $10.  The freelance writer will receive $9.

I have had no problems with oDesk and I recommend the site to at least one Internet entrepreneur a day.  You can find freelance writers who specialize in blog content, or article directory articles, or web copy.  And you can find very competitive prices and high quality work, since you will be able to review multiple bids from many providers.

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  1. Mona says:

    oDesk is a good place to find writers.