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If you’re looking for a sure-fire traffic generation tip for your Hubpages articles, one way to go is with article directories like or

If you haven’t already, sign up at

These sites are well-respected by Google and other search engines because they are moderated by human beings (which means that all articles must adhere to the quality standards of the site), they have been around for a long time, and they churn out hundreds of pages of new content every single day consistently.

You can utilize the power of these large article directory websites to get more traffic to your Hubs on Hubpages.  And if you’re trying to make money on Hubpages or any other site for that matter, then you know that traffic is the name of the game.  The more traffic you get to your Hubpages, the more money you will make.

Traffic is the name of the game, but targeted traffic is golden.  Targeted traffic means that you have a hub about a topic like “free ebooks for the Amazon kindle” and you get a visitor who owns a kindle and is currently looking for ebooks to read without paying for them.  That’s targeted traffic and you can see why it’s a beautiful situation when things work out like that.

The visitor has a problem (or question) and you have a solution (or answer).  It’s a perfect match.

Article directories will help you gain targeted traffic to your hubs because you get to include two links in the footer at the end of the published article.  When people finish reading the article, they may click one of the links,which makes it pretty clear that they are interested in what you have to offer in you Hub.  In addition Article Directories give you extra backlinks, which will help your rankings in the search engine results pages over time.

Try article directories.  They work for any kind of content promotion.  They work long term too, which is a great thing to know.  Over time, these articles will gain more authority, traffic, and higher rankings (or at least they should–and this is why you should always focus on quality articles) and will over time create more opportunities for your business.

Read about how to make money with Hubpages.

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  1. Sammy says:

    Article directories have helped me move my content and sites up high in the search results. They work, but it’s best to have links from diverse sources. This will work well with Hubpages too.

  2. Article Master says:

    Hi there. I used to write a ton of articles to send over to hubpages, but now these same articles often rank better than my hubpages articles. I only make money with hubpages articles, not the ezine articles, so I sort of want the opposite effect. It’s kind of funny.