How to Find a Niche To Blog About

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When you’re starting a blog, you’ll probably be thinking about what “niche” you want to write in.  It makes sense to think in terms of a niche since it’s smart to write a blog based on a distinct topic.

It makes it easier for your visitors to find you and will ultimately be a lot easier to “monetize” or eventually sell even.  Choosing a niche really is not that hard.  Let me tell you why.

You just need to write about what you love, what you know about, what you want to deal with everyday.  Never chase the money.  Okay, I shouldn’t say never, but the truth is I’ve tried to do it in the past, with varying degrees of success, and I would much rather tell you to go after something you love.

I guarantee you that even though it doesn’t seem like it in the beginning you will make a lot more money and have a heck of a lot more fun writing a blog in a niche that you love.  Making money with your blog will work itself out.

Before writing this post, I was writing one for another blog I own in a niche I’m not exactly stoked on.  Sometimes writing for a site like that is like pulling teeth.

Why make it harder on yourself?  The truth is you will not enjoy writing a blog in a niche you don’t love and you will probably abandon the blog after a few months.  I know this is what I did.

So, my advice to you (and don’t feel like you need to take it) is find something to blog about that you don’t mind thinking about every single day and write amazing content.  This is actually a pretty hard thing to do, so good luck.  Let me know what you decide to write about.

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  1. Aileen says:

    I have started over 15 niche blogs and I must say that is is pretty hard work to get them to move up in the search engine rankings. I feel that I should have only started with one or two or even three just to get moving and from there I should have seen which ones were successful and making money online from affiliate products, etc.

    I should probably get back to the drawing board and just start some great blogs and really brand them well. That would be more fun and I probably would be able to make more money from them as well.