What Should I Write About on Hubpages?

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If you don’t already know, Hubpages is a website where you can write articles or “hubs” and earn from any advertising revenue that comes from people visiting your pages.  If you haven’t already, you can sign up here.

You make money on Hubpages from display advertising, ebay affiliate links, and Amazon affiliate links.  You get revenue 60% of the time and Hubpages gets to keep the revenue earned on the other 40% of impressions to your pages.  A lot of people are doing very well and make a lot of money on Hubpages.  It’s definitely not easy, however.  It takes work.

You can get started by reading my article about making money on Hubpages.  Or continue reading…

What Subjects Should You Write About on Hubpages?

If you’re wondering what kind of stuff you should write about on Hubpages, you should know that you can write about pretty much anything you want to.  One of the keys to making money at Hubpages is to get a lot of traffic.  This is the key to Internet marketing success, which in a way, is what you’re doing with Hubpages.  It’s content marketing, which means your articles on the site have the potential to make you money when people visit them.  This is what we want.

So keeping that in mind, one of the best things you can do is try to keep your Hubs as original as possible–and especially the title.  Before you publish your article or even earlier on in  the planning stages you should make sure there are no other hubs with a very similar title or even very close subject matter, because it will be harder for you to compete with that page.

Let’s put it this way:  Google isn’t going to put two articles about “Best Dog Parks in Los Angeles” on the front page search results.  So, even if you have an article very close in nature to someone elses, you should tweak your title and the keywords you use throughout the hub to target a slightly different thing.  This is called finding a niche.  I like to call it “niching down” because you are attempting to get deeper into a niche to create original content that doesn’t have much competition.

You should also write about things you know about since this is what you will be able the write the best about.  Right?

Two of the most important things to writing content online (and marketing it) are authority and keywords.  “Authority” means you have something of value to say and “keywords” means you know how to target the right people who will find your article useful by using the proper search terms.

To be continued.  I will be writing about this topic a lot more over the next two weeks.  Subscribe right now so you don’t miss out on any of this.  I’m going to be giving away some Hubpages secrets.

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  1. I’m the cofounder and CEO of HubPages and found your post on what to write about. From what I’ve seen, getting the title right is the single most important thing when you are producing a well written Hub. The key is getting the keyword that your hub supports in the title.