The Power of a Domain Name

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Domain names are literally the real estate of the online world. An exact keyword phrase domain name can be worth a lot of money and a lot of traffic.

Most people who do well in Internet marketing understand that it’s not only high levels of traffic that will help you succeed, but more importantly, it’s high levels or even just decent levels of very targeted traffic.

The right domain name will help you get targeted traffic. So if you can purchase a domain that has the keywords you are targeting, you will most likely be able to rank higher in the search engines than you would otherwise. Obviously, there are a lot of other things that come into play in search engine rankings (authority, back links, etc), but it is clear that strong domain names play an important part.

Another interesting thing about having a keyword rich domain name is that it encourages people to use your targeted keywords in anchor text that they point back to your site. This is an added benefit.

I have recently seen the power of domain names and how they can be utilized to further your online marketing goals and to position your sales pages or informational blog to the right audience.

Another tack to take is a brandable domain name. A brandable domain name typically won’t have keywords in it, but will be something memorable, interesting, and easy to say that you can build a business around.

The truth is that you can do well with either kind of domain name–keyword rich or brandable–it just depends on how hard you are willing to work to create excellent content and to build links and drive traffic.

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I used to buy all of my domain names from Netfirms, because they have some really good coupons that will save you a few dollars off the initial price of the domain name–and this was when Netfirms charged $7.99 for domain names.  Now, in addition the Netfirms, I’ve bought a couple of domains from GoDaddy.  I recently wrote a post about GoDaddy’s current deals.

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    I need a good domain name. I know how important it is when you’re starting a new internet project.