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I had two people email me recently asking me the following exact question: Can I Make $100 a Month on Hubpages?

I thought it was kind of funny that two people wrote pretty close to the exact same thing and go super specific and decided to address it here on my site.

The answer is “Yes.”  You can make $100 a month on Hubpages pretty easily.  The real trick to doing this is writing a good amount of content (ie. hubs) and writing hubs that are in relatively high paying niches or industries.  If you look at it a sort of a second job, you will find success.

A third thing you can always do to make more money on Hubpages is to build links to your articles.  You can definitely make $100 a month writing on Hubpages.

If you think about it, that breaks down to about $3.33 per day a month.  If you write long hubs that are somewhat “monetizable” you should have no problem making that kind of money.  One problem is that Adsense can be a little up and down sometimes, so it can be hard to forecast earnings.

eBay affiliate earnings seem to be pretty uniform, even though your earnings per click can change drastically sometimes.  The best way to ensure that you make some money from your Hubs is to make sure that you write exceptional stuff.  Good luck and let me know when you’re making $100 a month.

Hubpages’ Ad Program

Hubpages recently added its own advertising platform to the site, so you can now earn primarily in four ways: Adsense, Amazon affiliate links, eBay affiliate links, and Hubpages ads.

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  1. Charles S says:

    I’m looking forward to getting started with Hubpages. I think I will be able to make a lot of money with hubpages if I stay focused and keep a clear goal in my head. Adsense, ebay, and Amazon are all top of the line products to promote.

  2. Adwello Strategies says:

    I enjoyed your post. It surprises me anyone would even consider making such a small amount of money! Why? Of what worth is $100? Hubpages, as with other similar sites, should be used within your complete web marketing strategy. Many streams make a river. More water flows through a river than through one small stream. Develop a big clear vision and waste not time picking up pennies. Reach up and pick the notes that grow on trees instead :)

  3. chris says:

    @Adwello –

    In answer to your question “of what worth is $100?” I would say that it’s worth $100! I wouldn’t turn that down. You are right, hubpages should be folded into an overall link building/income generation strategy.

    Once you get to $100 a month from Hubpages, focus on making $200 a month!