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Goodbye Amazon Associates affiliate program!  Sayonara.  Adios.  I must bid you adieu.

amazon associated gone in CA - boohoo!It’s sort of a bummer that Amazon has discontinued its associates program (the program that allows web publishers like me to earn money from product referrals to  I say “sort of” because I never really did that well with the Associates program.  I sent considerable traffic Amazon’s way, but I never earned significant commissions.  Part of the reason is that Amazon’s commission percentage is so darn low.

The low commission percentage should be offset buy Amazon’s inherent trust and supposed ability to convert sales, but I never experienced any of this.  I could truly never get over the fact that selling a $100 cell phone would only net me 6 bucks.

While it is a shame that Amazon has cancelled its affiliate program in California (in other words, won’t work with website owners in CA) due to a recent ridiculous law being passed as part of the Jerry Brown’s budget, it really is not hurting my bottom line at all.

I feel very sorry for those people who make significant income from Amazon, but I also know that if they are making significant income from Amazon, these same people will be able to make potentially more with other companies.  Good luck!

Image Attribution: Hey Riverfront Times, I hope it’s cool I used your image in this post.  It works so well for this post.

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  1. Tomiko Segroves says:

    Amazon’s affiliate program sucks anyway.