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Facebook Marketing May Be More Effective than Twitter

January 19th, 2010

991916_old_man_and_dovesThere’s an interesting blog post on Social Media Examiner that anyone who is interested in promoting their site via Facebook and Twitter or any other social website should read.

There is a ton of good information in the post gleaned from a report from MarketingProfs called “The State of Social Media Marketing.”  I went to MarketingProfs to see if I could find the report, but it costs $599, so I stuck with the blog post.  

The statement in the title above is probably very obvious to you.  Facebook seems to be a stronger way to market yourself or your site since people will spend more time there due to the fact that there’s more aggregated content on Facebook.  The writer of the post points out that Twitter directs people to external links so encourages people to spend more time away from the site.  

It’s a matter of the structure of the sites and how people use them.

The article has some interesting facts and research that may help you in your Internet marketing efforts.  

One of the most interesting points is about Google Wave and how a social shift is occurring as people begin to bring their own networks with them as they access different sites and services.  

It’s interesting to think about what will happen to your brand and website in the future as more ways of accessing content become available.

Let me finish this post with a question…

What is your main way of promoting your website or blog?  Do you use social media?  Do you bookmark your post all over the place?  Do you write guest posts?  What do you do?

How to Promote Your Blog and Make Money

November 25th, 2009

pile_of_moneyI was getting ready to write a new post and for some reason revisited some articles I had written months ago but I hadn’t thought of in some time.  There was some good info in some of these posts, so I decided in this post I would bring them to your attention.

Here they are in all they’re glory.  Click ‘em, read ‘em, let me know what you think.  

Four Ways to Promote Your Blog  and gain traffic, subscribers, and maybe some friends.

Looking to start a brand new blog?  Why Not Buy One?  An established blog will have some age, links, content, and hopefully traffic.  These are all good reasons to buy.

Five SEO Tips to Turbocharge Your Website  These are some basic and easy things you can do to make your website more visible to search engines and clearer to your possible visitors.  Make the user experience better, and you will be rewarded.

Can You Really Make Money with Internet Marketing?  Many have tried.  Many have failed.  Some have succeeded.

Six Online Business Myths the Aren’t True  As in any line of work there are misconceptions, misunderstandings, and sure, some lies in internet marketing.

I’m Giving Away a Free Article to Promote Your Site

October 28th, 2009

my-gift-free-article-blogI realized this morning that I really haven’t been doing enough for my readers. So I figured I would do something for someone for free today and if it becomes something interesting, maybe it will become a weekly thing.

I recently wrote a post about promoting your website by publishing articles in article directories. It is a really good way to drive direct (“clicky”) traffic to your website. What I mean by “clicky” is that these people are looking for information, and if you write the article with the right keywords and in the right way, you can get some seriously qualified traffic that’s ready to take action when they get to your site.

Article directories (at least the good ones) have high rankings in search engines because they are moderated by human beings and have certain standards for publication. This makes the content and the sites as a whole more valuable and relevant. So even if you blog doesn’t rank high for a term, you may still be able to publish at a highly ranked article directory and leverage that into some direct traffic to your blog.

I want to write a 400 to 500 word article that I will publish in my account at for someone. I will include links to your main domain page and one other article you want to build a link to. I will research the right keywords and see if I can drive some decent long-term traffic for you.

Sign up to get a free, keyword-rich, SEO article from me for FREE by re-tweeting this post using the green button at the top right of this post.  That’s it!

I will choose one person one week from writing this post and will publish your article shortly after. I will also choose a runner-up and do something cool for them as well. I’m interested to see how this works. Thanks in advance and I hope you win!

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