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Three Reasons Your Niche Site Makes No Money and You Should Get Rid of It

February 20th, 2013

internet-marketingThis is meant to be a really short post with three short reasons your niche website is making no money.  I’ve built a few sites based around tightly defined niches — some successful, some not.  By comparing my successes with my failures, I think I am in a good position to offer up some lessons I have learned in the niche marketing game.

Three Reasons You’re Niche Site Makes No Money

1) You don’t care about the products associated with the niche or people interested in the niche.  In comparing two successful sites I’ve created and that generate income against two unsuccessful sites that don’t generate income, it’s clear to me that you need to at least sort of like the niche you are building the website around.  If you like the niche, you will spend more time working on the site.  Try to find a niche that you don’t despise.

2) Sales in your niche don’t pay well.  If you’re working your tail off to sell a product that generates a $10 commission for you, then you need to sell a lot of this product to make any money.  Sure, it will probably be difficult in the beginning to sell products that generate higher commissions, but in the long run, it may be a better idea to promote higher cost products.  Why work your butt off for small commissions?  Selling anything is difficult.  Seeing one big commission will encourage you to work even harder.

3) You don’t genuinely recommend the products you are, um, recommending.  This is probably the biggest hurdle to having a successful niche website.  If you are only thinking about the money at the end of the road, you probably won’t get too far.  I don’t mean that it is bad to be thinking about profit at every step of the process of creating a niche site — I mean, why else would we make niche sites? — I just mean that it will be a whole lot easier to make money in a niche with products you can genuinely recommend.  Make things easier on yourself.


*I want you to feel like this when you’re working on your niche websites.

Why to Use Images in Your Posts and Where to Find Them for No Charge

May 21st, 2009

You’ve spent two hours writing your post.  You’ve spell checked three times.  Your title is perfect, targeted, smooth, and catchy. Your tags couldn’t be more fine tuned.

So it’s time to publish and get your message out to the world, right?

Not quite.

There’s something missing isn’t there?  So what is it?


Yay!  A colorful image!

Yay! A colorful image!

What’s missing is the perfect image that really puts the icing on your piece of writing.  The proverbial cherry on the top that will finish telling the story or create the feeling that really puts the shine on your work.  Now, admittedly, I rarely use images on my posts here at the online business inspiration blog, but I decided recently that I want to start doing so.

Here are a few websites where you can find great stock images for no charge.

1) stock.xchg – Stock Exchange is one of the easiest places to search for, choose, and download stock images on the web. I have used this site almost exclusively because it is so low-hassle and user-friendly. As long as you respect the photographers and comply to their usage constraints, you will have a great experience using this site. The quality of the photos varies, but you can find great images.

2) PhotoXpress – You can find some great, high quality images at PhotoXpress. There is also a paid option, which will supply you with top-notch professional grade photos. The same goes for Stock Exchange. But you don’t need to pay to find the perfect image for your post.

3) iStockphoto – This website is one of the most popular stock image sites out there. If you are a power content producer, you might want to consider a paid option. It is actually very reasonable, starting at $1 per image. There are thousands of royalty free images to choose from, however, so keep your credit card in your wallet.

Adding an image to your posts is good for a few reasons.

1) It will keep eyes on your site for that extra second that it may take someone to say, you know what, this guy or gal has some good information to offer here. Keep people on your site for a few extra moments and they may become a daily reader. But an amazing image will not save poor content. It will only complement good content.

2) If your article gets saved to social bookmarking sites like digg or mixx, often the image you use in your post will be highlighted on the site next to the title of your article. This may be all it takes to get an extra click-through.

3) A well-chosen, well-cropped image adds an extra level of quality to your site. It will make your work look more professional because it will be more professional.

Well, there’s my short primer on using images in your post and where to find them. I guess the only thing I need to do now is take my own advice.

Thanks for reading.


10 Inspirational Online Business Stories

November 1st, 2008

Check out this great article at the Sitepoint blog, called 10 Inspirational “How I Did it” Stories about ten individuals who have succeeded in various online business ventures.

The stories range from marketing guru Seth Godin to online dating entrepreneur Markus Frind to Carlo Feliciano, an internet copywriter who shrugged at his own inexperience and jumped head first into his chosen line of work.

The post is a list with links to ten different articles, each about a different person’s online business success.  These are definitely inspirational and hopefully will give you the kick in the pants you need after a rough day out there on the front lines of the wild wild web.