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4 Ways to Create Awesome Website Content

May 25th, 2012

This is a guest post by Josh Haynam, who is the entrepreneur behind, a website that adheres to Josh’s own 4 rules of creating awesome website content.  Josh has run companies in a variety of fields including landscaping, selling certified used laptops, and overseeing a ranch full of Arabian horses.

1. Interview people

Did you create the world’s largest video game company? Did you build the music genome? Odds are the answer is no (actually the answer definitely is no).

Good news though, people like the founder of Activision and the VP of marketing at Pandora are accessible and willing to share their wisdom. Whatever niche your site fits into, there’s probably someone who knows much more about the subject than you…so interview them!

This can be a tough thing to start. If your site is young and has no readership why would anyone want to be interviewed by you? The answer is that perseverance is the key to your success. For your first interview you’ll email 30 people asking to talk and only one might email you back, but stick with it and things will get easier.

I know this because that’s exactly what I did with Entrepreneur Stories and today nearly 100% of the people we contact agree to be interviewed by us.

2. Be Helpful

Do you know how to solve a problem that everyone has? Got a solution to a nagging issue? Write about it. Solve that problem or negate that issue and you’ve got a great article. The last thing readers want is fluffy content that doesn’t help them in any way, so helping them is a good idea. Remember that with a blog or website your articles are your product, so make that product worth “buying.”

Ask the people in your niche what their biggest pain points are and then make an attempt to solve them, this is a win-win because you’ll get to know your market and aggregate some good ideas at the same time.

3. “Top” Lists

top ten listsIt seems like there’s already a “top” everything article out there. From “The 10 most successful people of 2012” to “The 15 most viewed cat pictures”, there are a plethora of pieces on this theme. Don’t despair, there are an infinite number of options for articles like this, and even if a particular subject has been covered, wait six months and it will be time to write an updated version.

Warning, don’t do this too much, fill up your site with “Top ten this” and “25 most awesome that’s” and you’ll end up with a lack of depth on your site and readers will look elsewhere for their fill of deep content.

4. Talk about others’ achievements

Cross-examine 5 social media experts, analyze 10 successful people, assess the marketing strategies of 7 entrepreneurs. These are a few articles I’ve written that have gotten good response, but the options are endless for this kind of writing.

There’s nowhere better to look than the awesome people who have “been there, done that” and come out on top. Whatever your market is, there are people who have had success in it, and by analyzing their actions you’ll create some killer content.