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How to Plan Your E-Commerce Website

June 30th, 2010

I think I am writing this short post about how to plan your e-commerce website so that I can sort of “bookmark” this article at 6 Revisions, so that when I build my e-commerce site in the future, I can find this article.

That’s how good I think this primer on e-commerce site planning is. If you are working on a site that is going to sell anything at all, then you should check out this article at 6 Revisions.

Here are the points this article hints you should pay attention to:

What do you want your site to do?

Who’s going to buy from you?

Do you require special features?

What E-Commerce Platform are you going to use?

Have a look at this article. It should help you get your head around all the steps necessary to getting your online store set up. It also has some great examples of successful and well-made sites.

The Amazon Shopping Experience: Why We Buy

October 22nd, 2009

It’s clear that knows how to sell stuff.  But how do they do it?  There is an excellent analysis of the Amazon shopping experience at WebDesignerDepot (find link below), which is a great lesson for anyone interested in e-commerce or building a landing page.

A landing page does not have to be one of those static pages with endless words and red underlines and flashing things.  It’s important to make your blog a good “landing page” since the average visitor makes several judgments about your site the second it loads.  Understanding how people view websites is a great way to create more trust, retain more visitors, and it just helps you stay in line with “good form.” clearly knows how to aim its website squarely at the needs of its customers, which is the most important thing for a business selling anything.  Even if you are a blogger who sells nothing, you’re still buying something: your visitors time.  A good knowledge of user experience will help you with this too.

See the Amazon shopping analysis article.