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Save 22% with GoDaddy Coupon: Domain, Web Hosting Purchase

October 13th, 2012

I noticed that GoDaddy has a $1.99 domain offer going on this week — I think it only works on one purchase and it might only be for first time customers. At any rate, it’s worth checking out as you can save about $8 or so if you take advantage of it.

Save 22% on any purchase from GoDaddy this week.  See all details at  If you’ve been eying that domain name or need a new web hosting plan, have a look at this Godaddy coupon — you might be able to save some money.  22% means that if your order costs $100, you save $22, bringing you to an effective payment of $78.  Not bad, eh?

Get GoDaddy domain names for only $2.95 through the end of October.

Update – There are some killer deals still going on a GoDaddy. The one that got my attention was for the domains for only $1.99.  You save something like $8 or so, which isn’t a ton of money, but hey every penny counts!

GoDaddy Deluxe Hosting for Price of Economy Plan: Web Hosting Deal

May 19th, 2012

godaddy web hosting savings coupon

Update 8/11/2012 – This week’s GoDaddy deal is for a savings of 30% on your total order.  This one is a no-brainer.  If you’ve been considering buying any website or web hosting products, including domain names and reseller plans, take advantage of this current offer at

Update 5/22 – This week’s Godaddy deal is for a savings of 15% on your entire order.  Make sure to use the coupon code to get the savings: CJCWD15

GoDaddy is one of the most well-known internet service companies out there.  You may have purchased a domain name or another website related service from GoDaddy.  That wouldn’t surprise me.  I’ve bought several domain names from GoDaddy, which has some really good weekly deals.  Currently, there is a special offer going on over at GoDaddy for its website hosting service, which can save you some money.

If you’re looking for web hosting, now might be a good time to start comparing offers.  One that you should consider is GoDaddy’s offer for Deluxe web hosting discounted to the price of its Economy web hosting plan on 12 months or more of service.  All web hosts require that you pay up front for 12 months, so the time frame isn’t really unusual.  This could be a good opportunity for web masters out there to get a good deal on GoDaddy web hosting.  There is always a way to save with Godaddy whether it be on a domain name, website security, web hosting, or just a savings on your entire order, so bookmark this page and come back every week to see what the deal is as I will update this post every week.

See the deal in all its glory at link goes directly to the offer page!) Hosting just $1.99/mo! - 468x60

Update 6/15/2012 – This week’s GoDaddy deal is a special on .ME domain names. With this deal, many .ME domain names will cost only $6.99 for the first year. In order to claim this deal, you need to use coupon code CJCWDME.

Update 6/24/2012 – This week’s GoDaddy deal is for free domain privacy with your purchase of a domain name.  This is a good way to keep the details of your domain name private.  Anyone can do a whois search in Google and find your contact information, including the email address you used for the purchase and the physical address you used.  With free domain privacy you save a few bucks on that service.  Personally, I think you should have the freedom to keep your domain private or public.  If this Godaddy deal interests you, have a look at the official deal page at the following link.  It lasts through July 3, 2012.  Get this deal at

Update 7/5/2012 – The latest GoDaddy deal of the week is a coupon that save you 20% on your next GoDaddy purchase.  Use coupon code CJCWD20 (expires 7/17/2012)

Update 8/11/2012 – The most recent deal over at GoDaddy is for a savings of 30% on your total order.  Learn more about this offer.

As always, if you have any questions about anything or need advice on a domain name or setting up a website, please let me know in a comment below.  I’ll do my best to help you out.  Godaddy is one of the more popular web hosting companies out there for quite a few reasons. One reason is its sexy commercials, but another reason is that Godaddy provides good services at affordable prices.  Sure, Godaddy tries to upsell the crap out of you, but you can get some really good value in all of their services, especially if you take advantage of the frequent promotions.

GoDaddy also right now has some $.99 domains that you can take advantage of.  See all details at the official site.