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Three Reasons Your Niche Site Makes No Money and You Should Get Rid of It

February 20th, 2013

internet-marketingThis is meant to be a really short post with three short reasons your niche website is making no money.  I’ve built a few sites based around tightly defined niches — some successful, some not.  By comparing my successes with my failures, I think I am in a good position to offer up some lessons I have learned in the niche marketing game.

Three Reasons You’re Niche Site Makes No Money

1) You don’t care about the products associated with the niche or people interested in the niche.  In comparing two successful sites I’ve created and that generate income against two unsuccessful sites that don’t generate income, it’s clear to me that you need to at least sort of like the niche you are building the website around.  If you like the niche, you will spend more time working on the site.  Try to find a niche that you don’t despise.

2) Sales in your niche don’t pay well.  If you’re working your tail off to sell a product that generates a $10 commission for you, then you need to sell a lot of this product to make any money.  Sure, it will probably be difficult in the beginning to sell products that generate higher commissions, but in the long run, it may be a better idea to promote higher cost products.  Why work your butt off for small commissions?  Selling anything is difficult.  Seeing one big commission will encourage you to work even harder.

3) You don’t genuinely recommend the products you are, um, recommending.  This is probably the biggest hurdle to having a successful niche website.  If you are only thinking about the money at the end of the road, you probably won’t get too far.  I don’t mean that it is bad to be thinking about profit at every step of the process of creating a niche site — I mean, why else would we make niche sites? — I just mean that it will be a whole lot easier to make money in a niche with products you can genuinely recommend.  Make things easier on yourself.


*I want you to feel like this when you’re working on your niche websites.

Are You a Blogger or an Internet Marketer?

April 23rd, 2010

I don’t really know if there is a truly distinct difference between a blogger and an Internet marketer, since most bloggers delve into Internet marketing when they want to start monetizing the traffic that comes to their blogs.

Still, I think it’s an interesting question.

It seems to me that bloggers write for themselves and for their audience, whereas in the marketing realm the largest concern is supporting the product you are selling.  I don’t mean this in a negative way, but it seems that if there is a distinction between the way the content is created in blogging vs marketing, that would be one way to put it.

To be honest, I think I enjoy the marketing aspect of creating content the most.  To me, it’s fun to create great content and build traffic to it and watch it move up the search results pages, get a lot of traffic, and convert.

It think it’s important to keep a solid mixture of both Internet marketing mentality and the blogging mentality in your online content creation or whatever it is you do online to earn income.  The reason is because people more than ever crave authenticity.

If you can provide an authentic voice–truthful reviews, incredible value without really asking for anything in return (since if you do it right, you will get more back than you give), and providing useful information–then you will be very successful in Internet marketing or blogging.

If you’re interested in setting up your own website business, make sure to come by and read more of my writing here on Gainfully Unemployed, the work for yourself blog, or leave a comment or send me an email with any questions.

Marketing your Internet Business with a Cool App

February 13th, 2010

Learn how to create iPhone apps (all through outsourcing) and make a ton of money!  See how here.

Internet marketers, at least some of the smart ones, have always seemed to be able to come up with clever ways to promote their websites.

One way to promote your service or product is to create an online application or website that does something interesting or provides some value or entertainment for visitors.

Everyone likes a clever commercial.

Well, doing something interesting can be your clever commercial and a good way to establish some goodwill with potential clients.

An example of building an app that does something very simple for people while also getting the word out about a company is

Every once in a while, you visit a site that won’t load and you try to reload and reload with no success. At downloadforeveryone, you type in the website in question to see if the site is down for everyone or just for you.

Below the search query, there is a link to Site5 Web Hosting, a small company, with a message that reads:

“We Guarantee Our Uptime! Switch to Site5 Web Hosting!”

It’s a very simple thing that can be useful in some instances, and it is a clever and simple thing for a company to do. People using the tool may not necessarily be thinking about hosting a website, but they are interested in checking downtime of sites they’re interested in (ie facebook, twitter, and other social networking sites).

Still, when these same people (who may easily become regular users of the simple tool) decide they want to buy hosting for a website, they may decide to purchase a plan from this company.

This is a good example of a company providing a free tool (content) in order to gain awareness, provide value, and establish goodwill with potential future paying customers.  Anything you can do to provide something useful and of value to people will help you grow your online business.  The days of spammy link-building are dead.  It doesn’t work anymore.  It’s all about value.  Concentrate on that and you will get rich!!

9 Ways to Be a Better Internet Marketer and Blogger

December 10th, 2009

Create Valuable Content and You Will Succeed Online

internet-marketingThese are a few points I have been thinking about for some time now that I believe will make you a better blogger and internet marketer.

Create Value – This is simple, right?  Well, not really, but the idea of it is.  Create something that helps people solve a problem or provides them with useful information that adds immediate value to their life. This is the kind of thing people will pay for.  I know I will.

Give Give Give -  Be generous.  The beauty of the Internet is that it’s a platform that reaches almost everywhere.  If you give 110% of yourself on the internet, you’re giving it to hundreds or thousands of people.  

The more you give, the more you will get back–nowhere is this more true than online.  Build trust and authenticity by giving.  When you’re thinking of a product, don’t think about what you want to make, think about what your audience needs, and of course, what they will pay for.

Try Interesting Things – There are thousands of sites, businesses, blogs, and sales pages popping up every day.  Try something that’s never been done before.  Put your own spin on things.  It’s so cheap that there’s no such thing as big mistakes.  Being interesting will help you stick out in a crowded (and extremely competitive) business.

Don’t Be Boring – Don’t be antiseptic.  Inspire people, make them laugh, entertain and enlighten them, but most importantly, let your personality (or eccentricity) shine through.  Boring doesn’t make friends, so why would you think it makes sales?

Be Transparent – Why not be sincere and honest?  Being honest with people is the difference between making a few bucks on a one time transaction versus having a customer who comes back to buy your products repeatedly and has such a good experience that she tells all her friends to buy from you too. Besides, transparency is easy–all you have to do is be yourself.  People respect this and trust this.

Make Partnerships – Go out and find other people doing similar things to you and see if you can help them out.  Offering to help someone or simply extending your hand is the seed of a partnership.  It’s hard to do things on your own.  

Make Friends – If you’re running your business well, you will have a lot of friends.  Go out of your way to make some friends.  Besides, who do you think is going to help you sell your next great idea?  Networking is key and will help you find work, new projects, and opportunities.

Have Fun with What You’re Selling – Enthusiasm sells itself and makes your job easier.  Doing something you are genuinely interested in energizes your business.

Work Hard and go the Extra Mile – When you think you are done with your blog post or sales page, sit back and take a few minutes before you publish it.  Is there something you can add that will make the post a little bit more interesting or helpful?  Maybe you skimped a little on research. 

Maybe there’s another resource you can link to that will help your reader out a little bit more.  These tiny details are what make people bookmark your posts, pass them to their friends, and encourage people to be long term readers and subscribers.

It’s all about the audience.  This is the first thing we forget.

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