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iPage Unlimited Web Hosting Only $1.99 Monthly

April 1st, 2013

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For a limited time only, iPage will only cost $1.89 per month — this deal ends Monday June 24!  Get it at

Host unlimited web sites on the iPage unlimited website hosting plan.  iPage is one of the top names in the web hosting business and has thousands of webmasters working with them to support their web businesses.  With the current deal from iPage, you get unlimited hosting for only $1.99 per month–a very attractive deal.  Get your web hosting solution from iPage and take advantage of this limited time offer today at

Other Web Hosting Plans:

HostGator has a really good deal too and it’s always good to compare, so take a look at to see the new 20% off offer you can take advantage of today.  Hostgator is an extremely popular web host and for good reason.  They provide excellent service.  Take a look.


Another Web Host I Use:

Midphase has hosted this blog for four years and I have never had a problem with them. When I have had any kind of issue, Midphase’s reps took care of it immediately and all I had to do was use the chat function on their website to rectify whatever the situation was.  On one account, you can host multiple sites with no problem.  They are also extremely affordable.  I think the highest plans costs $10 a month and you don’t even need the highest plan. This is why I’ve been with them for five years — plain and simple!

See current deals at


iPage Unlimited Web Hosting for Two Bucks

January 23rd, 2013

Cyber Week Update – iPage web hosting has a new offer for unlimited website hosting for a buck a month — that’s $1.00 per month.  It’s the best web hosting deal around right now, but be quick if you want it. Get it at

iPage is Easy to Use
The absolute best deal on web hosting this month is the one from iPage.  For only $1.99 per month, you can get unlimited web hosting — so you can host as many sites and domains as you want.  See all of the details online at

If you like this deal or have been considering iPage hosting, I recommend getting on this deal as soon as possible and locking it in for as long a period of time as you can manage.  This deal will not last very long, so make your move my good man (or lady).

Here’s what you get from

- Unlimited Disk Space
- Bandwidth & Email
- Unlimited MySQL Databases
- FREE Domain (for life)

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Other Web Hosting Deals!

You should also take a look at the current HostGator deal where you can save 20% off your hosting and pay as little as $3 per month for unlimited hosting.  See all details at


iPage Web Host for eCommerce Sites

August 4th, 2012

iPage has a really special offer on the table right now.  Get unlimited web hosting for only $1.99 per month.  That’s less than a cup of coffee to host unlimited site.  See all details on this special limited-time deal at

iPage web hosting has been getting a lot of press lately due to its very low rates–the unlimited plan costs $3.50 per month.

ipage web hosting review

iPage is not only a company for people who host their own blogs — it’s also for people who want to create their own ecommerce websites.  So if you have been wondering where to get hosting for your online store, have a look at the affordable options you can get from iPage web hosting.

You can also get a free domain out of the deal, in addition to unlimited hosting and unlimited bandwidth.  See all details at

iPage is a “green” web host too, fully powered by natural energy.  Learn more.

The iPage $1.99 deal is still available. For under $2 you get full access to the unlimited website hosting plan — it’s a pretty amazing deal. See all details at

iPage Web Hosting $1.99 Deal! Act Fast!

April 9th, 2012

There is a tremendous deal going on right now over at iPage web hosting.  For only $1.00per month, you can now get unlimited website hosting.  See all details on this limited time only deal at

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See iPage web hosting deals page by clicking here!

iPage has a special Easter deal running right now for its unlimited web hosting plan.  For only $2.95 per month, you can host unlimited web sites with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, and unlimited email accounts.  All of this for only $2.95 per month.

See the current iPage deal buy clicking through the keyword EASTER

Get a Free Domain Name

In addition, you get a free domain name for life.  This is a solid deal and you can’t really find a web hosting provider that can beat this rate.  If you’re starting a website for your business, an ecommerce site, or just want to create a blog or two, see this current Easter deal at

Free Site Building Tools and WordPress

In case you don’t know how to program–like me–iPage provides a free suite of site-building tools that will help you get your website up in minutes.  The program I like to use on my websites, and in fact that program I used to build this site, is called WordPress.  It’s a blogging program that can help you build any kind of site from a blog to an ecommerce store.  With one-click WordPress setup, iPage makes it easy to set up a WordPress site.  Learn more about how to set up a site with iPage.

Deal is Still Running…

5/10/12 – This discounted deal, which is probably the lowest legitimate web hosting deal around, is still running as far as I can see.  If you’re in the market for an unlimited web host to host one website, a few websites, or whatever kind of site or sites you want, have a look at the new and improved unlimited offer on the iPage web hosting plan.

5/15/2012 – It looks like this deal has been ended for the time being.  The price has skyrocketed from $2.95 all the way up to $3.50 (just kidding, that’s only 55 cents).  The $3.50 price is still pretty darned good.  Make sure to add iPage to your shortlist of web hosting companies to consider for your business.  iPage has some good website hosting deals.  All you need to do is go to the official site and have a look at all the deals available.

The latest iPage web hosting deal is for $3.50 per month.  In order to get this deal, you don’t need a promo code or a coupon or anything like that.  All you need to do is go to the official website and claim this amazing special offer.

iPage is one of many web hosting companies out there so if you’re looking for a good deal on web hosting, it makes sense to check out some of the offers from as many various companies as you can.  See more details on ipage at the official site above at the link.

Solid deal on iPage hosting — but don’t take my word for it.  Definitely take a look at some of the available deals out there from companies like JustHost, Hostgator, and Midphase.