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iPage Web Hosting Coupons

July 27th, 2010

ipage logoCyber Monday Web Hosting Deal –> Pay only $1 per month for unlimited website hosting from iPage web hosting.  This is the best deal I’ve seen on web hosting in a long time.  See all of the details at

Update – Hey guys, just wanted to update this post with the latest deal from iPage.  Get unlimited web hosting from iPage for only $1.99.  Click here to get started.  But hurry!  This deal won’t last long!  It is a limited time thing so get a move on it or at least have a look at what is being offered.

All you need to do to claim the latest iPage coupon for discounted web hosting is click here! This will automatically engage the coupon and you will see the current low price with the discount subtracted.


Update: You can now get a the unlimited iPage hosting plan for just $3.50 per month and get registered to win an iPad just for signing up.  You still get the free domain name, unlimited hosting, and free website building tools.  See all the details at

The thing that first caught my eye about iPage is the fact that you only pay $3.50 per month.  That’s about what you would pay, actually it’s less than you would pay, for a latte at Starbucks.

iPage web hosting is one of the top web hosts available today. You can always seem to find iPage coupons that you can use to save money on the companies plans.

If you are looking into web hosting options right now, definitely have a look at iPage. You might not have to look any further. At the moment, you can claim a coupon and only pay $3.50 per month for the service.

See the coupon right here and click it to go to the site!


For this rather small sum or money, you get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains hosted, and many other very attractive features. In addition, you get a free domain name for life. This is literally the deal that keeps on giving. As if this wasn’t enough, iPage web hosting will also give you your money back if for any reason you don’t want to continue with the service.

You are probably not going to want to take iPage up on the offer since you will receive very good service, but it’s still nice to know it’s there just in case. It makes trying iPage a risk-free proposition.  iPage is a great place to host your blog or ecommerce website.  You can’t go wrong with a guarantee like the one iPage provides.  And don’t forget about the free domain name for life.  That’s a nice bonus.  Unlimited hosting is the only way to go and I think you will find that iPage has some very nice plans and good service.

Get the lowest current coupon rate from iPage by clicking here!  You will see the sales page for the unlimited plan, which allows you to host as many sites as you want all on one account.  There are some really good features to this plan including free site-building tools, free WordPress installation (the cms I use), unlimited disk space, and free security suite.  Find the best iPage coupons and promo codes right at the official site — you don’t need to surf around the internet and visit a bunch of spam sites in order to find the best iPage deals.  Just head on over to the official site and start savings.  Don’t overspend on website hosting.  Get a good deal.  Start at ipage.

Read my longer review of iPage.

Very Affordable iPage Web Hosting

July 9th, 2010

ipage money backiPage web hosting powers over one millions web sites across the world.  One of the reasons iPage has become so popular is because it not only provides a great all-inclusive service, iPage web host provides it at extremely affordable prices.

For only $3.50 a month you get full web hosting for your website, blog, or e-commerce site.  Rates this low are unheard of and usually when they are, the service is weak.  This is not the case with iPage.  Lock in the rate of $3.50 per month today at

Here’s what you get for $3.50 per month: unlimited disk space, bandwidth, free site-building tools, free online store, email, and “green” websites (since iPage purchases renewable energy credits).  Plus, there are two other “bonuses” you get that really surprised me.  The anytime money-back guarantee and the free domain for life.

If you’re looking for affordable web hosting that comes with great service and doesn’t skimp on options, check out iPage web hosting.  It currently has the best entry-level web hosting plan out there.  No other company compares at the moment.

By the way, you also have the iPage anytime money-back guarantee, which means that any time you can get your money back at any time if you are unsatisfied with the service.  Another cool bonus is that you get a free domain name when you sign up with iPage.

I really like the fact that iPage is so confident with their service and stand by it 100% by offering to give anyone all of their money back if they are not happy with the service.  This generally tells you that this is a trusted brand who has the customer’s interests at the forefront.

iPage web hosting truly is a company that gives a lot for what it takes from you.  If you’re looking for hosting, you may have your perfect match right here.  Definitely have a look at the competition (it’s the smart thing to do) and read some reviews about competing services to find the web host the works the best for you.

Visit for all plan details.

Or read a longer in-depth iPage hosting review.  There are a lot of ways to save with iPage hosting.  You really can’t find a cheaper web host out there for an unlimited plan.  One of the coolest things about iPage is the fact that it uses clean energy for its web hosting technology.  It is fully wind powered, which is a good thing for everybody.  See all of the current web hosting offers and deals at

The thing I like about iPage hosting is that you don’t ever need a coupon code or a special i-Page promotional code — all you need to do is go to the official website to find the best current deals.  There is nothing exclusionary about the company.  Everyone gets to save money, not just people who know where to find the special codes.  Right now, iPage costs $3.50 per month, which is pretty darn low.  You can’t really beat that price anywhere.  If you’re looking for cheap web hosting, look no further than iPage.  It’s super affordable.

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