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Make $100 a Month from Hubpages

September 5th, 2010

I had two people email me recently asking me the following exact question: Can I Make $100 a Month on Hubpages?

I thought it was kind of funny that two people wrote pretty close to the exact same thing and go super specific and decided to address it here on my site.

The answer is “Yes.”  You can make $100 a month on Hubpages pretty easily.  The real trick to doing this is writing a good amount of content (ie. hubs) and writing hubs that are in relatively high paying niches or industries.  If you look at it a sort of a second job, you will find success.

A third thing you can always do to make more money on Hubpages is to build links to your articles.  You can definitely make $100 a month writing on Hubpages.

If you think about it, that breaks down to about $3.33 per day a month.  If you write long hubs that are somewhat “monetizable” you should have no problem making that kind of money.  One problem is that Adsense can be a little up and down sometimes, so it can be hard to forecast earnings.

eBay affiliate earnings seem to be pretty uniform, even though your earnings per click can change drastically sometimes.  The best way to ensure that you make some money from your Hubs is to make sure that you write exceptional stuff.  Good luck and let me know when you’re making $100 a month.

Hubpages’ Ad Program

Hubpages recently added its own advertising platform to the site, so you can now earn primarily in four ways: Adsense, Amazon affiliate links, eBay affiliate links, and Hubpages ads.

How to Actually Make Money on Hubpages

January 5th, 2010

hubpages-logoThe simple answer as to how to make money on Hubpages is to actually have something to say. Some value to add. Some information to provide. It’s important to understand how to use keywords, but don’t take it too far.

Don’t become obsessed with SEO linking schemes and don’t stuff keywords where they don’t belong. In short, don’t overdo it. Provide good information and do it consistently.

Yes, I said consistently. The people who publish hubs on Hubpages consistently are the people who make the most money.

If you consistently write about a certain subject (which you certainly don’t need to do) it will help you establish a niche. More importantly, you will be able to more effectively link between your hubs. Write 10 or so hubs on the same topic and interlink them all. It’s always helpful to provide links to more pertinent and useful information.

If you write about honeybees (wow–that’s random), write another hub all about the nutritional value of honey and another about the American honey industry and another about how bees actually make honey and another about how honey farmers (are they called farmers?) operate the honey collection process.

Don’t know if there are any honey-hounds out there, but hey, it’s just an example.  You get the point.  This kind of coverage will help bounce traffic around between your hubs, will establish some authority, and will build trust from readers and even will help you earn links from other websites.

Notice how I wrote “earn” links.  It’s important to understand that a natural organic link from someone who genuinely finds value in your work and thus wants to share it with his or her readers is priceless.  It’s the name of the game.  It’s how you succeed with content online.  And, yes, it’s how you make money too.  One natural link is worth 100 forced links.  

Making money on hubpages also requires that you do a little bit of promotion.  Well, you’re not required to do anything, but it will really help you gain exposure for your hubs if you build a few links to them.  

One of the best ways to get more traffic to your hubs other than understanding how to write for a specific audience and doing a little bit of keyword research, is to create links from article directories.  Ezine Articles is the most well-known and consistently is at the top of Google search results pages for thousands of different niches.  

You are allowed to include two footer links at the end of your articles, which you can point to your work at Hubpages.  Use keyword-rich anchor text to promote your hubs.  Using the honey example, you could write a basic article about the health benefits and the downsides of honey.  Make it 400 words long and make it worthwhile–the Ezine Articles staff has to approve it, so you have to meet their certain standards which can be a little difficult in the beginning.  Build at least one link to each of your Hubpage hubs.  

Write another hub titled something like “My Honey Hubs” or “All You Ever Wanted to Know about Honey” and include links to all of your Honey hubs.  This link post will help people see all of your content organized and is another way to build links.  

Another way to promote your hubs is by building a Blogger blog or WordPress blog (for free) and linking to each of your published hubs with a short description of what it’s about.  This may help widen your search footprint and drive more traffic to your hubs.

See how each link-building exercise is also providing value at the same time?  This is what will work for you over time.  If you’re not selfish and consistently think about your audience and providing great information, you will succeed in making money online–with any website.  

So go get started making money on Hubpages.  If you sign up through this link, let me know because I have a little bonus to give to everyone who signs up through my site!

Hubpages is For More than Back Links

December 10th, 2009

Hubpages-make-moneyIn doing research for how to promote your website, blog, or online business, most people will be exposed to the idea of building backlinks.  It’s a very basic idea and in many ways is the foundation of a successful website.  

Each backlink is like a vote of confidence, guiding others to your site.  It’s always nice to get a back link.  Hubpages is one of these places that people often try to create backlinks from to their own websites.  

While it’s a totally legit thing to do–the Hubpages staff will alert you if you’re doing it in a cheesy way–and may help you get more exposure to your site, Hubpages is also a good place to make money. Period.  In other words, don’t look at the site as only a place to just throw in a few anchor text links, because it has a lot more than that to offer.  You can make some decent money on Hubpages.

If you are a member of the eBay associates program, you can earn money with well-chosen and well-placed links and, of course, you can earn from the display ads on your work.  I have been reading more and more about people who are basically building sales pages on the site, and targeting very niched-down search terms.  Good research and copywriting skills, paired with Hubpages’ ingrained ability to rank highly for thousands of terms, can push one of these pages to the first page of Google.

What I’m trying to impart is that you can make money on Hubpages–the site can be an end all be all, as well as a great place for a few links to your other sites.  Hubpages can be a larger part of your overall internet marketing, content creation strategy.  It’s a very good site and there are a lot of great people writing there and working there.

Sign up for Hubpages.

Read what I wrote about Hubpages, backlinks, and making money several months ago.

Hubpages: Make Money with eBay

November 10th, 2009

In addition to the main revenue streams, Hubpages allows you to make money from the eBay and Amazon affiliate links you add to your pieces of writing or, “hubs.”

These additions can be quite lucrative. I read one story about a writer on Hubpages who received an eBay click-through for a Rolex Watch (his hub is an informative guide to the high quality luxury timepieces) and earned $125 from the one sale.

Obviously, this is a special circumstance, and the article is about a very high priced item, but you can see how you can earn some money with the eBay affiliate program.

There has been a change to the eBay Partner Network (the affiliate program). Publishers who send traffic to eBay will no longer be paid per action, but rather by click. eBay is calling it a move to “Quality Click Pricing.”

In other words, you will be paid a certain amount of money per click that sends traffic to eBay, and no longer will you receive a percentage of the sale price of a good sold to your traffic.

The $125 payment for a Rolex is no longer possible, but that was always a very tough sale to begin with.

Personally, I have already earned more money from eBay since this new program has been instated than I ever did before. It’s hard to get your traffic to actually buy something, so for less savvy publishers and “marketers” this move to pay per click should improve earnings.

It has for me.

Sign up for Hubpages and get started writing and earning.  If you want to. :)