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How to Plan Your E-Commerce Website

June 30th, 2010

I think I am writing this short post about how to plan your e-commerce website so that I can sort of “bookmark” this article at 6 Revisions, so that when I build my e-commerce site in the future, I can find this article.

That’s how good I think this primer on e-commerce site planning is. If you are working on a site that is going to sell anything at all, then you should check out this article at 6 Revisions.

Here are the points this article hints you should pay attention to:

What do you want your site to do?

Who’s going to buy from you?

Do you require special features?

What E-Commerce Platform are you going to use?

Have a look at this article. It should help you get your head around all the steps necessary to getting your online store set up. It also has some great examples of successful and well-made sites.

Message to Those Who Hate Their Blogs

May 17th, 2010

Do you like your blog?  Or do you hate your blog?

I think there are a lot of people out there who decide a few months in or even a year or so into a new blog, that they hate their blog.

I’m here to tell you that if you hate your blog, drop it like a bad habit.  Forget about it.  Start a new blog in a new niche.  Don’t worry about any of the work you put into your blog, just move on.  Life’s too short.  It doesn’t mean that you failed, it just means that you are moving on to a new project.

People do this all the time.  It’s called growing.  It’s called learning.

You may even be able to sell your old blog.  Check out, the best place to sell blogs (and all other kinds of websites) online.  Digital Point forums also has a way to sell your site, but I’m not that familiar with it.

Just don’t feel like you need to work on a blog that you can’t stand anymore.  If you have a blog you can’t stand, tell me about it.  Heck, I might want to buy it from you.  Seriously, if you have a website that you have worked on and that you no longer want, let me know.  But I should let you know that if it not making money already (no matter how small the amount) or if it gets no traffic and has no search engine rankings, I will probably not be interested in purchasing your site.

Building Online Businesses Takes Patience

August 29th, 2009

There is nothing in the world more frustrating than writing a great blog post or making an insanely helpful video–that no one sees.  Well, besides your mom and your significant other.  One of the main things that nips online businesses in the bud and frustrates internet entrepreneurs is the fact that it can take a long time to get any traction with search engines and readers. 

When you create a great piece of content that you want to share with everyone you meet, you’re only a half way there.  Next, you need to get out there and expose it to people.  Nothing’s going to happen if you just let it sit there.  Online search is getting more crowded every day and search engines aren’t going to give you a ton of love if your site doesn’t have much authority.  

That being said, your work can take off like a rocket if you know how to get it out there and are willing to work.  Read a few tips on how to build traffic to your blog.

The single most important “skill” in online business is having patience.  You are going to have to get used to waiting for a while–at least in the very beginning.  If you have a new blog, it’s not unusual to go six months with limited traffic–a year even.  But again, it’s really a function of how hard you work and how focused you are.

Being patient will give you the strength to get through the lonely dry spells when you’re doing everything you can to create a successful online business, be it a niche blog or an online store, and no one seems to care.  But you will care.  And that’s why you’ll succeed…eventually.

Can You Make Money with Internet Marketing?

July 19th, 2009

The answer to this question is, yes you can. But it isn’t easy. Well, it isn’t as easy as people seem to think it is.

It’s pretty funny how many people out there start blogs, websites, or even internet video series and think that just because they put their content up on the web and splash a few keywords around that thousands of people are going to find their content and fall in love with it.

The truth is that making money with internet marketing is probably as hard as making money in any other kind of job. Just because internet marketing involves the internet doesn’t mean it’s easy. But for some reason many people believe it is.

One of the reasons is that the barrier to entry is so low. Anyone can log into and start a free blog. You can choose a domain name, write a post, and publish it in minutes. We are used to things happening quickly on the internet.

The making money online part takes some time. But if you put the effort into it and work at it you will be able to achieve your goals of creating income streams on the internet.

What does it take to make money online?

In short, it takes getting a lot of traffic to your website or sales page and converting that traffic into an income stream either by selling something or displaying advertisements to your visitors. You are either selling a product or selling your audiences attention to a third party advertiser. ?The advertising networks you might use are Adsense or Chitika–there are quite a few. ?It’s important to test several to see which ones work best.

I’ve simplified things here, but essentially this is how you make money with internet marketing. The real thing you need to do is attract an audience. In my next post, I will write about how to gain traffic or an audience to you website.

But if you were wondering, yes you can make money online. But it’s not easy. It takes time, effort, knowledge, and the ability to figure out what’s working for you and what’s not. Some people have difficulty letting go of a project that’s not working for them, but sometimes you have to let go. It is amazing how quickly your time can disappear when you are trying to tackle too many things at once.

The best internet marketers figure out what’s working and multiply their efforts, while discarding the things that are only taking up time and aren’t profitable. Successful online business entrepreneurs also find partners to work with, which is a great thing to do so you can focus on your strengths while your partner can focus on his or hers.

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PS. ?If you’re getting traffic to your website from Bing, read this article about Bing vs. Google ad revenue.