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JustHost Web Hosting Plans Only $3.45 Per Month

December 3rd, 2010

Get JustHost unlimited web hosting for only $3.25 per month. See all details on this limited time offer at

*With this package you get a Free Domain Registration, Free instant setup, and no hidden fees (what you see is what you get!)

JustHost makes it incredibly easy to get your website, blog, or ecommerce store up and running in no time.  They offer great service at bargain basement prices.  $3.75 per month is a very affordable monthly rate for all the cool things you get from JustHost’s unlimited web hosting plan.  Go directly to the source and see what you get with the the current deal.  Or read on…

Here’s what you get…

- Let’s start with unlimited GB’s of space.  This is a crucial element to look for in any web hosting plan.  If a plan doesn’t offer this, move on.  This unlimited plan gets a HUGE SMILEY FACE from me!

- Unlimited GB’s of transfer.  Another huge plus.

- Unlimited domain hosting.  Want to host or park a bunch of domain names at no additional cost?  You can with a hosting plan from

- Unlimited email accounts.  Not bad.  Want to hire a writer or give your mom her own email account?  Now you can at no additional cost.

- In addition to unlimited MySQL databases, you also get to use a free site builder to make your site and you also get one more thing…

- A Free Domain Name just for good measure.  Save an additional $11 with this.  I’d put another smiley face here, but you already get the point!

- Oh yeah, and there’s an anytime money back guarantee.  Huge!

If you’re looking for web hosting that won’t cost an arm on a leg, jump on this deal from JustHost and start your web empire.  It won’t last forever, since it’s a special rate.  Go get it.

JustHost is a serious web host and will help you run your business efficiently and effectively.  You can rest assured that your websites are in good hands whether you have one blog, ten blogs, or a monster ecommerce site.  See why JustHost is one of the best web hosting providers out there here.

Definitely do your due diligence because you really don’t want to get stuck with a hosting account that doesn’t do the job you want it to.  JustHost hosting has a really strong track record and a lot of long-time users.  It is one of the top web hosts around today.  See all of the details at the the official website.

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If you’re looking for a good way to save money on web hosting, Justhost is one of the places you should look.  You really would have a hard time beating the price of $3.75 per month and still work with a solid company that actually cares about its customers and has excellent customer service.  See all the details at the official site, which is where you will find the best possible deals.

Why iPage is Better Than Other Web Hosting Companies

September 7th, 2010

*See the latest and greatest available deals on iPage web hosting here!

Right now, iPage has a really good offer on the table for its unlimited web hosting plan. For only $1.99 per month, you can get the unlimited plan with all the bells and whistles. I’m not sure you can beat this deal. See all details at Act now because this deal will only last for a couple more days and then it will be gone!

ipage web hosting reviewiPage has been around for more than a decade but really became a contender after 2009. They did some remarkable things to their new web hosting plan offers, which have greatly improved the company’s services and the amount of people who use them. This article is a review of what iPage web hosting has been doing better than other web host companies. Let’s jump right in.

Update: You can currently get the Unlimited iPage web hosting plan for $2.95 per month and in addition you get a Free Domain Name registration when you sign up.  See all details

For most people, iPage hosting’s security suite is the most important feature that makes people choose this hosting provider, since it is a free service provided by only this provider and no one else. What their SiteLock Security Suite basically does is provides verification of your credentials, complete a daily scan for malware and spam canning for 90 days after activation. If it is proven that your site is safe, your site will be provided with a badge indicative of site trustworthiness.

If you want more secured protection and more frequent scanning than this, you can upgrade to the $199 per year plan, but it’s not really necessary. In addition, the four high tech data centers make sure that data are managed in a safe and secure manner while also creating a low risk for downtime. This is the second important issue that iPage web hosting pays a lot of attention to, in order to keep their customers happy.

Technical customer service of iPage web hosting is something that many customers consider a huge advantage over other hosting companies. They are making customer service a number one priority in their business in order to maintain present and future customers. This is why people actually get help from the technical support staff. They give quite prompt, personable, and helpful replies and their support is available 24/7. Apart from phone contact, you can also use email and chat support.

Price is also an issue that cannot be beaten by any other web host.’s monthly price of only $3.50 makes their plan the cheapest single-year plan on the market. You simply can’t find a cheaper host at this price point.  The offer includes domain registration free for life and features such as unlimited domains, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited mysql database, together with security suite and great customer support is about as good as it gets.

The ‘Anytime Money-Back Guarantee’ refund policy comes as a confirmation on everything that we have mentioned above. If iPage’s hosting primary goal were not doing everything they can do to be reliable and make their customers satisfied, they would not be able to afford an any time money back guarantee. Whenever you cancel, you will get a refund for the remaining unused months. This is definitely something that makes iPage better than other web host companies.

The last but not the least important feature that makes iPage web hosting an even better choice is the fact that it’s a green host. They surely set an example of how to take care of our environment. By purchasing renewable energy credits, iPage offset their carbon footprints. You can do it too by hosting your site on servers powered 100% by wind energy.  iPage has been doing a lot lately to earn the business of webmasters all over the country.  If you need web hosting, you should at least have a look at the ipage unlimited plan.  Lock in the current rate at iPage web hosting and save money every month.  Get started at the official website,

Click Here to get started with iPage or read another review of this web host. Hurry up because this deal will not last very long!

Get a Free Domain with iPage Web Hosting Purchase

August 18th, 2010

Get the lowest possible price on iPage web hosting by clicking through on this IPAGE COUPON.  It will automatically engage the discount and show you the lowest possible current rate.

ipage logo

You can currently get a free domain name for life from iPage web hosting with purchase of a year hosting plan at the price of $3.50 per month.

For that extremely low rate, you can get unlimited web hosting from a top provider in the business. You also get unlimited email accounts, a free online store, ecommerce site building tools, blog creation tools, free marketing credits for Yahoo and Google, and a lot more including unlimited bandwidth and add-on domains.

ipage web hostFor $3.50 you get a lot. And there is only the one year commitment. Most web hosting companies have a great offer and a very low monthly rate, but you only get the low price if you commit to two years of service and pay upfront.

iPage not only gives you the lowest rate in the business, but the company also gives you an anytime money back guarantee, which makes using the service risk-free.

And you get the free domain for life, which is an awesome added bonus. When you sign up, you get to choose the domain name the iPage web hosting will pay for every year for life! It works out to some serious savings over time.

To get your free domain name today as well as high quality affordable web hosting Click Here.

If you’re still not sold, here are some of the things you get with your iPage web hosting account:

  • Very low prices
  • Host Unlimited Sites
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited email Accounts
  • Free Domain Name for Life
  • Green Web Hosting: iPage is 100% powered by wind power
  • Money Back Guarantee that doesn’t expire
  • Free WordPress blog creation
  • Free Website Building Tools
  • Free Google, Yahoo, and Facebook marketing credits adding up to $450 of extras
  • Security Suite to Keep Your Site Running Smoothly
  • Unix Hosting
  • eCommerce Hosting

Read 10 Reasons to Choose iPage website hosting.

Get started with iPage at the official website today.  Read another iPage review I wrote here.  Otherwise, head on over to the official site directly.  Get website hosting for only $3.50 per month from

iPage Web Hosting Coupons

July 27th, 2010

ipage logoCyber Monday Web Hosting Deal –> Pay only $1 per month for unlimited website hosting from iPage web hosting.  This is the best deal I’ve seen on web hosting in a long time.  See all of the details at

Update – Hey guys, just wanted to update this post with the latest deal from iPage.  Get unlimited web hosting from iPage for only $1.99.  Click here to get started.  But hurry!  This deal won’t last long!  It is a limited time thing so get a move on it or at least have a look at what is being offered.

All you need to do to claim the latest iPage coupon for discounted web hosting is click here! This will automatically engage the coupon and you will see the current low price with the discount subtracted.


Update: You can now get a the unlimited iPage hosting plan for just $3.50 per month and get registered to win an iPad just for signing up.  You still get the free domain name, unlimited hosting, and free website building tools.  See all the details at

The thing that first caught my eye about iPage is the fact that you only pay $3.50 per month.  That’s about what you would pay, actually it’s less than you would pay, for a latte at Starbucks.

iPage web hosting is one of the top web hosts available today. You can always seem to find iPage coupons that you can use to save money on the companies plans.

If you are looking into web hosting options right now, definitely have a look at iPage. You might not have to look any further. At the moment, you can claim a coupon and only pay $3.50 per month for the service.

See the coupon right here and click it to go to the site!


For this rather small sum or money, you get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains hosted, and many other very attractive features. In addition, you get a free domain name for life. This is literally the deal that keeps on giving. As if this wasn’t enough, iPage web hosting will also give you your money back if for any reason you don’t want to continue with the service.

You are probably not going to want to take iPage up on the offer since you will receive very good service, but it’s still nice to know it’s there just in case. It makes trying iPage a risk-free proposition.  iPage is a great place to host your blog or ecommerce website.  You can’t go wrong with a guarantee like the one iPage provides.  And don’t forget about the free domain name for life.  That’s a nice bonus.  Unlimited hosting is the only way to go and I think you will find that iPage has some very nice plans and good service.

Get the lowest current coupon rate from iPage by clicking here!  You will see the sales page for the unlimited plan, which allows you to host as many sites as you want all on one account.  There are some really good features to this plan including free site-building tools, free WordPress installation (the cms I use), unlimited disk space, and free security suite.  Find the best iPage coupons and promo codes right at the official site — you don’t need to surf around the internet and visit a bunch of spam sites in order to find the best iPage deals.  Just head on over to the official site and start savings.  Don’t overspend on website hosting.  Get a good deal.  Start at ipage.

Read my longer review of iPage.