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Get a Free Domain for Life from iPage Web Hosting

July 21st, 2010

ipage web hostYou may have heard about iPage already since it is becoming one of the more popular web hosts for bloggers, Internet marketers, and affiliate marketers.  The reason iPage web hosting is in front of the pack is because the company offers great service and all-inclusive packages at almost too-good-to-be-true prices.

Update: Right now, iPage has a $2.99 per month deal for unlimited web hosting.  You get the free domain, unlimited web hosting, free security suite, and a free online store.  See the official website for all deals at

In addition to all the service options you get to help you run your online business or your blog, iPage also gives you an anytime money-back guarantee.  They can afford to do this because most likely you will not ask for your money back because you will be happy with the service you get.

And at a price of $3.50 per month, you will not find a better price in the market anywhere.  iPage is so confident that you will like the service (not to mention to industry-leading price) that they are literally putting their money where their mouth is and giving you all of your money back if you are not satisfied.

Perhaps the coolest thing you get from iPage as an added incentive is a free domain name for life.  When you sign up with iPage, you can choose a new domain name that you want and instead of paying the registration fee every year for the name, you get it absolutely free.

iPage has the best deal in web hosting today.  Four of my friends–two bloggers and two Internet marketers–have signed up with iPage web hosting and love it.  And I’m hearing good things from other reviewers.

To grab this deal by the horns right now—while it lasts–click here.

For comparisons sake, you should also have a look at one of the web hosts I use —  They have an excellent unlimited plan that costs $9.99 per month.  Read more about Midphase’s current deals and also have a look at three of the best web hosting deals on offer right now.

Does iPage Web Hosting Really Offer a Full Refund?

July 16th, 2010

ipage web hostiPage Deal Alert:  Right now, you can get unlimited web site hosting from iPage for only $2.95 per month, even lower than the normal $3.50 monthly rate. iPage has made news for offering full refunds to unhappy customers and for giving new customers a free domain name. Read More!

iPage web hosting officially offers a full refund to anyone who isn’t satisfied with the company’s service.  I love the fact that iPage believes in the quality of its service so much that it puts its money where its mouth is.

This doesn’t happen too often these days–the full refund.  But high quality retailers have always known that being lenient on return policies is the best way to go.  It’s one of the reasons that Nordstroms and are industry leaders.

iPage also offers a lot with its service plan, which cost $3.50 per month.  In addition to being able to host unlimited domains and websites, you get a free domain for life.  And that’s just the start.  Web hosting is a very competitive business, as you know if you are currently surfing the internet looking for web host reviews.

Read my longer iPage web host review with all the details about what you get for only $3.50.

I have heard some good stories about the iPage refund and some less than stellar reviews about the iPage refund.  There is a current deal for the unlimited iPage hosting plan (which included free domain and unlimited websites) for $2.99 per month.  This is the lowest price I’ve ever seen for this service.  So whether you want to host one website or ten websites, iPage should be able to provide the perfect hosting environment for you.

See how you can get a free domain name from iPage.

See some of the best current web hosting deals.  SingleHop is one of the web hosts we profiled earlier this month.  Read our review.

ipage web hosting

Lock in the current rate of $3.50 today before it goes up. See all details at

iPage Website Hosting: Affordable, Unlimited Web Hosting

April 28th, 2010

ipage web hosting reviewDeal Update: One of the best web hosting deals available during Cyber Week this year is the iPage unlimited web hosting plan for $1.00 per month.  If you’re looking for a web hosting plan that can host unlimited sites and domains, take a look at this deal.  It’s a really affordable deal even if you only want to add one site to the plan.  See all details at

iPage’s Cheap Web Hosting

There are some very competitive deals in the web hosting world, and one of the best deals I’ve seen in a while is the one from iPage. First of all, iPage’s deal is for $3.50 per month. So, for the year, the total is $42 to host unlimited websites. Not bad. Not bad at all.

There are so many things the iPage web hosting has to offer someone looking to host one, two, or ten blogs and websites.  For most types of websites and web business, iPage makes a lot of sense.  If you need a dedicated server for sites that get hundreds of thousands of views a month, you may be better off with a dedicated server from MidPhase, but if you’re just looking to host a few normal sized websites, then iPage is a good bet.  See some of the elements that iPage provides you for the trivial price of $3.50 per month.

Here are the details of the current deal from iPage:

  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • Free Domain for Life
  • Unlimited Data Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Google Website Tools
  • 100+ Website Templates
  • Sitelock Security Features ($100 value)
  • Unlimited email
  • 100% Green Web Hosting
  • $3.50 Per Month


Finding an Affordable Web Host for Your Blog or Website

January 14th, 2009

anhostingwebhostOne of the tough things when you are getting started with a blog or website is to figure out the whole independent hosting thing.  When I first moved on from the free platform, I really had no idea where to turn.  That was before I found AN Hosting, which is the where I host this website you’re reading right now.

Every web host company said they had the best customer service and the least downtime, but for every shining review written by a user of the service, I would find one miserable one to cancel it out.  This is sort of true for any product I guess, and it really depends on the person in a case by case basis how they’re experience will be.

Some of the most popular web hosts are Dreamhost, BlueHost, and NearlyFreeSpeech.NET (which looks interesting, albeit a little complicated maybe).  I think if you surfed around looking for reviews you would find a lot of pros and cons for any service out there.  I would definitely do some research, talk to other webmasters, look for a good price, then dive in.

Here are a couple of things you want in a web host:

1) If you want to host multiple sites, you need to make sure you can host more than one domain (and subdomains) with your account.

2) If you are going to use wordpress, drupal, or joomla to create a blog, make sure it is easy to set up.  Look for an application called Delicioso, which facilitates one-click set-up of blogs.

3) Try to get a host that has pretty good customer service because in the beginning, you will probably be sending in a few emails when you inevitably get stuck.

The web host I work with is called AN Hosting (now part of Midphase).  I have had no problems with this service.  The technicians respond directly to my emails when I have an issue and are very prompt.  It is very inexpensive.  You will run your account from cPanel, which in case you don’t know is probably the most user-friendly way to manage a web host account.

When you sign up with AN Hosting, you get a free domain name–when I did I got the free domain for life; I’m not sure if it’s for life anymore, but I’ll look into it.  For the domain I got, which is related to my name, since I got it free for life, that’s about an $800 savings.

With AN Hosting you get tons of bandwidth and hosting space–believe me, you won’t be able to use it all.

You get one-click installs of blog platforms on your domains. You also can host 20 domain names, so if you are looking to build more than one site, you can easily do so by purchasing a new domain name and easily installing it in minutes.

You also get great service from a very responsive support team.  Some of the questions I asked early on were really dumb–but they always came through and helped me through the process or simply went in and fixed problems for me.

* Full disclosure:  I have been happy with this hosting company and recently re-signed for another year of service.  The link above is an affiliate link to their site.  I would not refer you to the site if I did not have a good experience with them.  I really just want to help you find a good web host to get started with your own WordPress blogs.  AN Hosting is a good choice because it is easy to get started and is a great price for what you get. Trust me, you will not be able to use all the ample room they and features they give you unless you are building enormous sites.  Even then you may not scratch the storage space you are allotted.

I originally signed up with AN when I read a really good and thorough review of the company written by a very respected WordPress blog developer Chris Pearson.  Everything he said about the company turned out to be true.  Visit AN Hosting.

*Update 4/24/09

I have now been with AN hosting for over two years and they continue to deliver great hosting and awesome customer service. I have never waited longer than two hours for the support team to get back to me with answers to my questions. Like I mentioned before in this post, sometimes they will just go in and fix the problem (after they ask me if it’s ok), which is pretty cool.

In my two years of hosting several sites with AN (including this site), I have experienced downtime ONE TIME. Even then, it was from 12 am to 3 am, not exactly prime website time. This is pretty incredible and one of the reasons I am sticking with this hosting company and why I tell my family and friends (not to mention my consulting clients) to work with them to host their personal websites.

Another company to look at is GoDaddy.  See the latest GoDaddy Weekly Deal.