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How to Plan Your E-Commerce Website

June 30th, 2010

I think I am writing this short post about how to plan your e-commerce website so that I can sort of “bookmark” this article at 6 Revisions, so that when I build my e-commerce site in the future, I can find this article.

That’s how good I think this primer on e-commerce site planning is. If you are working on a site that is going to sell anything at all, then you should check out this article at 6 Revisions.

Here are the points this article hints you should pay attention to:

What do you want your site to do?

Who’s going to buy from you?

Do you require special features?

What E-Commerce Platform are you going to use?

Have a look at this article. It should help you get your head around all the steps necessary to getting your online store set up. It also has some great examples of successful and well-made sites.

The Internet Makes Small Business Dreams Come True

August 30th, 2008

The ultimate small business is a website run out of your home. Think about it. No brick and mortar (aka additional rent for an office). You can teach yourself how to build a website or hire someone to build one for you relatively cheaply.

Websites are the ultimate small business. You have minimal overhead other than computer and web hosting costs, advertising, education expenses, and whatever you put into your product or content.

Another amazing thing about running an online business is you can run it from your apartment, your cubicle, or a beach in Jamaica (as long as there’s wifi).

The sheer scalability of a website is an exciting thing too. Anyone anywhere (well, perhaps not those in China) can visit your online storefront and make a purchase or learn more about your service or whatever it is you have to offer.

If you are interested in starting a small business in whatever field and you haven’t started a website yet, I would recommend that you look into it.  Your competitors are.